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Oh, how do you solve a problem like Maria?

How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand? – MariaThe Sound of Music

While I have NO idea how to solve a problem like Maria, I can show you how to hold a moonbeam in your hand… you just pretend you’re holding it by leaving your hand in its light.

Okay, so while that answer may not fly with the over-5 crowd, but I can show you how to get leads, hold on to them, and convert them into solid sales.

Here’s how to hold onto leads: Use a guide

ipad-map-tablet-internet-screen-multimediaWhen you’re on a tour, odds are pretty good that you’re going to have some kind of tour guide. I’ve seen all sorts of tour guides: I’ve been to art museums where the tour is a podcast; I’ve been to memorials where the guide is someone who lived through the event; and I’ve been to shows where the guide is called a narrator.

It works for other mediums, so why not adopt it into your business model?

Thankfully, most businesses already have a similar model built into place: it’s their sales team.

Personalize your sales process with that guide

Your sales team is an amazing asset! As you build your sales funnels and online processes, tap into their knowledge. They’re going to know what your client’s biggest fears, pains, and concerns are. They may even be able to help you improve existing products or create new ones!

Once you have that knowledge, take it and create a personalized guide. You may even  be able to use your demographics data to create a personalized guide that appeals to each aspect of your target market.

Once you’ve added that personal touch to your sales processes and funnels, you’ll be able to watch as your leads increase, they stick around, and as sales increase. And it’s all because you took the time to consider how to hold a moonbeam in your hand – or solve a problem like Maria.

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