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marketing-man-person-communicationIn case you haven’t noticed, it’s a presidential election year here in the United States. And, no matter your stance on politics, I think you’ll agree with me that politicians are good at getting attention. Some more so than others…

While we don’t have to talk politics any further (*whew!*), we can learn some great lessons about how to build buzz about your business from politicians.

Build Buzz about your Business in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Be Memorable!

Some politicians give great quotes. Others are great at gaffes and tripping all over their tongues. The point, though, is that these politicians are memorable.

Okay, so maybe avoid horribly misspoken things. Instead, use or post clever, viral-tending quotes or memes on your social media platforms.

2. Be Passionate!

Have you ever seen a 100% polite political debate? No? Me, either. When people start talking about things that they’re passionate about, emotions flare up. And having emotion in your business can be a great thing! It’ll help people recognize your brand, connect with your brand, and associate with your brand. That’s some serious brand building!

Just remember to be politely passionate. 🙂

3. Be Newsworthy

Finally, politicians are great at spinning the news to their advantage. And while I recommend that you don’t go out to hire a political ‘fixer’, you can still use the news to your advantage.

listeningFor example, did you know that many of your local news sites will write about your business? They’re called sponsored posts or advertorials. News agencies and websites run these all of the time. Why not use one to promote your company?

Bloggers are another great way to build buzz. Partnering with a local blogger (through a giveaway or a sponsored post) is a great way to get extra buzz going for your business.

There we have it: three easy ways to build buzz for your business. And we learned it from politicians and the presidential election process, no less. Doesn’t that make you feel like you turned some lemons into lemonade?

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