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My boys love the same toys. Which, would be great if they were any good at sharing. But since they aren’t, there’s a lot of little boy fights and tantrums about who gets to play with the toy in question. Watching the extremes they go to, just to get their way, reminds me an awful lot of the business world.

How far are you willing to go to get a sale?

handshakeOn the ‘sales’ spectrum, there’s a wide variety of answers as to how far someone is willing to go to make that sale. I’ve interacted with car salesmen who were the typical, pushy, sleazy salesman that’s portrayed in films. On the other hand, I’ve also dealt with salesmen who were absolutely amazing – and they just so happened to be selling cars.

The question, though, is how far are you willing to go to make a sale? How much is that sale worth it to your business?

I recently heard someone say that the only time they quit trying to make a sale was when there was blood on the wall. To me, that sounds an awful lot like selling your soul to make a sale.

And that’s not somewhere I’m willing to go just to get a sale.

For me, a sale only happens when there’s VALUE.

Sometimes that means that I see value in working with a particular company. Other times, it means that I can see how my company can provide a valuable service to another company.

friends-sitting-in-cafe-writing-in-notebook-with-digital-tablet-and-coffee-cupThe point, however, is that doing business is a choice – and that I value my choice in being selective with whom I work. Being driven by VALUE is more than just some throwback to the ‘good old days’. It’s an actual business practice that brings a greater happiness to not only my life, but also to the lives of my team members and my clients. Because being able to bring that VALUE to their lives is a part of what drives me as a business woman, a mom, a wife, and as a woman in general.

There’s more to life than making another sale – especially if it’s going to cost you your soul (or a wall full of blood, ick!). It’s by bringing VALUE back to the world, your business, and your clients.

Now if only I could get my kids to understand that a little bit better…

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