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pexels-photo-9820-largePie is a wonderful thing. Apple, cherry, and strawberry rhubarb are particular favorites of mine. Unfortunately, though, we aren’t here to talk about fresh blueberry pie a la mode. Even though that would be delicious, we’re here to talk more about goals and how to guarantee successful goal setting.

The first step is to make sure that your initial goals are SMART. Once that’s done, we can get back to talking about PIE.

Never stop PIE: planning, implementing, and evaluating your way to successful goals

Once you’ve got your initial SMART goal, you’ve done P: you planned. You set a goal. Yay! Let’s check that one off of the to-do list – at least for now.

Once you’ve set the goal, though, it’s time to get to work. Remember how I set the goal to get into better shape? That means I have to actually get my backside out of bed each morning. It’s rough, but I still do it. It’s a whole lot easier with an accountability partner, too. In this case, though, he’s my workout buddy (and my husband!). Working out is always easier with some eye candy somebody there with you.

Implement: check!

Now it’s time to move on to the evaluation. This is where, after a few days, I realized that my eating habits were sabotaging my new workout schedule. Part of that is because I really love food. Another part is that, as a nursing mom, anything that isn’t nailed down to the counter is fair game. But mostly, my body has gotten used to eating sweets and treats on demand. And, after eating all of those sweets, I don’t feel like exercising. All right – we evaluated the diet. It’s time to make a change so we aren’t stuck in the same rut.

PIE completed! It’s time to restart the PIE process

food-salad-healthy-lunch-mediumNow that I’ve admitted my sugar addiction, it’s time for me to make a plan to change my diet. So, my husband and I sat down and did some meal planning. Okay, we may have gotten some help in that regard. But my point is, we’ve changed how we shop (we don’t take the kids with us and we don’t go shopping hungry); we stick to a set meal plan for the week (we’re trying out a new clean-eating plan from a meal planning service); and we don’t buy treats. It’s super hard to eat treats if there aren’t any in the house.

Thankfully, this process isn’t just for diets and exercising. This whole process works for **any** industry. It’s one that nurses use every minute of every shift while taking care of patients. It’s one that entrepreneurs use as they figure out their social media marketing strategy. It’s one that chefs use as they experiment with new recipes. And it’s a process that CEO’s use as they plan out their organization’s financial strategy for the upcoming year.

In fact, we use this very same process to make sure that our valued partners and associates are expanding their social media outreach programs and footprints in the best ways possible. It means experimenting. It means analysis. But it also means guaranteed results. And so we’re pretty proud of having PIE to help us achieve those goals. Even if it isn’t a la mode.

For a limited time, we’re offering new clients access to a marketing playbook so that they can SEE PIE in action. Watch the results roll on in. All you have to do is take the first step to get the details – and give us a call.

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