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How Content Repurposing Increases Your Visibility … Fast

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Are you struggling to increase your visibility by more than a few business friends and loyal customers?

Do you have a to-do list as long as your arm and wish your days had more hours in it?

What if you could save time and increase your visibility?

Introducing content repurposing: The cornerstone of visibility marketing.

How Repurposing Content Can Help Increase Your Organic Visibility

If you haven’t already heard of content repurposing, you might be having an adverse reaction right now.

So let’s be clear from the outset:

Repurposing content is not spamming, it isn’t publishing the same content repeatedly, and it isn’t stuffing keywords into every post, tweet, or article.  If you do that, even your loyal fans will probably mute you!

Content repurposing is about maximizing quality content, getting your message to different audiences, and meeting potential clients where they are without being tied to your computer 24/7 or spending $$$ on ads.

Repurposing is a powerful tool in visibility marketing.

Create one quality, value-packed piece of content and adapt it to suit different social media platforms. You will organically start reaching more people interested in your expertise and those who may not have considered you at all.  Until now.

People consume information and learn in many different ways.  

Some like to listen, some like to read, some like to watch, and some like content in bite-sized pieces.  Repurposing content allows you to reach all those people without having to create something brand new for them, day in, day out.

You can cast your net wide by working smarter, not harder, and grow brand awareness naturally.

Why Content Repurposing Matters

If you only produce blog posts, you’ll miss out on the people who will never read them.  

And if you spend every spare moment writing new blog posts because you’re scared not to post every day, you’re most likely repeating your message to the same people over and over.  

And you’re not increasing your visibility.  Perhaps the opposite.

In a world where every entrepreneur and small business owner has access to customers globally, visibility marketing is how you’ll stand out from the crowd and be seen by people looking for the solution you offer.

You need to expand your reach beyond your loyal fanbase to be more visible.

Here’s another reason to repurpose content: You’re wasting valuable content with a one-and-done approach.

Your time and expertise are precious commodities, and there is a market hungry for them.  But if they never see your brand, they’ll never know what you have to offer.

Repurposing content meets potential clients where they are by taking your work and delivering it in the way they love to consume it.  It’s faster than any other marketing technique because you’re essentially knocking on their digital door with the solution to their problem.

And if you get content repurposing right, those people will knock on other people’s doors to share it.

3 Simple Ways To Repurpose Your Content Right Now

  1. Get visual

Turn an article into an infographic instantly shareable on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook.

  1. Break it down

Take the key points of an in-depth blog post and turn them into a Twitter thread.

  1. Collate

Gather your most popular, evergreen content and package them into an ebook giveaway to new email subscribers.

Once you get into the habit of repurposing content, you’ll be amazed at how much mileage you can get from one lovingly crafted article or blog post.  You can even respond to a question on Quora or LinkedIn using a relevant part of a blog post, or you can record an audio file, so people hear your message instead of reading it.

Remember, all repurposed content leads back to you, so the more people you reach, the more your visibility increases, and so will awareness of your brand.

Need some help creating a strategy to increase your visibility?  We’ll do the research.  We’ll create the strategy.  And you implement.  

Learn more about how the Visibility Marketing Blueprint can skyrocket your brand.

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