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When I was in elementary school, the toy I most coveted was not an iPad or a hoverboard (Too bad they didn’t exist back then). What I was most excited to get was the box of 64 Crayola crayons. Not only did it have seemingly every color that existed, but it also had a fabulous crayon sharpener.

I loved the names of the colors: Cornflower, Aquamarine, Periwinkle. Such magical words for different shades of blue. These days a new color has entered in society’s collective palate: Twitter Blue. You know what shade I mean, right? That gorgeous deep sky blue color.

9093733888_79ccacf171_cIn the few years of its existence, Twitter has become so prominent that every sky blue color reminds people of the cute tweety bird. The website has essentially become the world’s town square. People use it to socialize, have in depth discussions, and to keep up with the news. It also functions as the town square bulletin board; it’s a great place to advertise your business and get new customers.

Why advertise on Twitter?

Twitter logged 310 million worldwide monthly active users in the first quarter of 2016. Can you believe it?! That’s almost the same population as the United States! With so many users, you are sure to find a large group of current and potential customers reading through their Twitter feeds every day.

twitter 1One of the best things about Twitter advertising is the many options for customization. You can choose different ways of advertising depending on your goals – increasing followers, spurring discussion of your product, increasing sales, you name it. Twitter also allows you to target your advertising to specific groups of people, which will get likely customers seeing your ads.

Let’s explore the different ways of advertising on Twitter as well as targeting those ads a little further.

How to target Twitter advertising

Before you start an advertising campaign, you should decide who you want to target your ads to. (Not targeting your ads means that you’re spending money on viewers who will have no interest in your product.)

Say you create a business designing wedding invitations: Izzie’s Invites.

You can use Twitter to select the people who will see your ads. Targeting categories include Gender, Interests, Geography, Keywords, and more.

For Izzie’s, you probably want to target women who are currently planning weddings. You can look for people who have recently typed in Keywords like Wedding, Invitations, Stationery, etc.

You can also target people who follow certain accounts. People who follow major wedding sites like The Knot or even your competitor Sam’s Stationery are likely key demographics.

How to: advertising on Twitter

Now that you’ve selected your target audience, your first task of creating an advertising campaign is to introduce your company to potential customers. The main startup problem Izzie’s Invites has is that there are loads of wedding stationery companies. Yours, of course, is the best, but you have to find customers willing to give you a chance.

twitter-expertYou can use Twitter advertising to attract new followers. On the upper right hand of your computer screen (non-mobile) is a section called “Who to Follow.” Twitter lists promoted accounts at the top of the Who to Follow section, which makes it easy for customers to see your account and follow you. You can also create a Promoted Tweet asking people to follow you. You can post a photo of your impressive invitations and a quick summary of who you are. This Promoted Tweet will appear in users’ Twitter feeds, which is easy to see for both mobile and non-mobile users.

Once you’ve got a good set of followers, you want to build some buzz about your incredible invitations. You can use Promoted Tweets to start discussions. The more Retweets and comments you get, the better you’ll get people interested in exploring your company further. You can use Promoted Tweets to start conversations about weddings, post photos of your invites, and even post videos. The more catchy and thought-provoking, the better.

Ultimately, your goal is not just to spread the word about your wedding invitations, but to get people to visit your website and buy your invites. Twitter can help with that too. Another advertising campaign is called a Website Card. It’s a simple Promoted Tweet with a call-to-action and your website. For example, you could offer a discount for anyone planning a November wedding. Include a link that takes people directly to your website’s purchase page. This direct method can help spur people to take the leap from browsing to buying.

Twitter is a dream platform to help you towards your goals of new customers and new sales. With the variety of ways to advertise and the ease of finding the ideal customers, you can have a stellar advertising campaign that businesses back in the 1980s could only dream of. Use Twitter Blue to help your business get more Dollar Green.

Do you want to make Twitter sing for you? Let us help you find the perfect target audience and talk advertising strategy so you can grow your business – let’s set up your consultation now!

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