messy kidsWhen things get quiet in my house, I worry. You see, little boys only get quiet when they’re doing something mischievous. They think it’s awesome, but they know how I’ll react: I’ll make them stop and clean up the 5 pounds of flour they’ve just spread on the floor. It almost makes me wish I could be everywhere at once…

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. And you know what? It’s not possible for a single person to be everywhere online, either.

Don’t stress about being everywhere online: start small!

You can’t memorize the ins and outs of every social media platform overnight. So don’t try! Pick one and figure it out. Give yourself some time and space to figure out that one platform first. Once you’ve gotten it down pat, THEN we can talk about adding another platform.

So which platform should you start with?

Well, start with the one that gives you the best exposure AND appeals to you best.

linkedin-chocolatesIf you’re a B2C company, starting on LinkedIn is a lot less likely to produce results than starting on Facebook would, for example. On the other hand, if you’re B2B, Twitter won’t get you a lot of results but LinkedIn will. Other great platforms to consider are Instagram, Pinterest (OH how we love and recommend those buyable pins!), Periscope, Blab, YouTube, and more.

If you’re still doubting where you should start, ask a pro (we’d love you to ask us!) where they’d start. They’ll be able to tell you which platform would be best for your business.

That being said… Don’t be afraid to try a new platform!

The advantage to trying a new platform is that it can give you a great idea about how it’s going to work (or not work) for your company. The other perk of not being afraid to jump onto a platform is that you’re going to be a lot more likely to get the handle or username that you want.

For example: well-known brands will jump onto the new social media platforms. Even if they don’t immediately start posting there, they’ll at least log in and create an account. Why? Well, so that they can secure the username that fits with their branding. If you do that, you may want to go ahead and at least set up the account so it doesn’t look like a deserted account. Set it up so that your audience knows it’s you – even if you only put up a post that says:

Hey! It’s us. We’re experimenting with this new platform. Meantime, catch us over on this other site!

Cheesy? Yes. But you don’t want to leave your audience scratching their heads, wondering why you took the time to snag a handle and not bother using it. Like my kids, it makes them wonder if you’re up to something – and it’s never anything good.

If you *DO* need to be everywhere online, the only way to do that is to have a TEAM. We’d love to be your team. Give us a call for a zero-obligation quote.

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