Are you ready for more getting to know social media? Great! (If not, it’s okay to go back and review our 101 course: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest)


You TubeYouTube is a great place for sharing free videos with your community of followers. You set up your own YouTube channel (your mom will be so proud to know you not only have your own show, but your own CHANNEL!) and start videoing. YouTube has proven a popular place for tutorials, music videos, trainings, behind-the-scenes videos, and more. Oh, did we mention that because YouTube is connected to Google, it can have a positive impact on your Google search rank?

Is YouTube for you? If you video it, they will watch it and share it like crazy. Especially if there are cats.


INstaInstagram is an image rich social media platform perfect for capturing a moment in time. It’s also the place where people take photos of their dinner and post it for everyone to drool over. Beyond that, it’s a great place to feature new products or services and hold contests.

Like Twitter, Instagram also uses hashtags. Their use, however, is completely different. With Twitter, you have a character limit. With Instagram, you use hashtags to describe your picture of your dinner: #yummyfood #sorrynotreallysorry #sharingmorepics

Is Instagram for you? It’s a great way to search for descriptions or to make your business more searchable with Instagram’s location search tool.


TumblrNot many businesses give Tumblr a second thought, but they really should. According to Social Media Examiner, Tumblr has about 300 million visitors every month. Tumblr is an interactive blogging network where users can set up their own blog and follow other blogs. New posts from followed blogs appear in news feeds, and users can then choose to “reblog” the content on their own Tumblr account. If you want to have your content go viral, this is a great way to set yourself up for success.

It’s for this reason that many individuals and companies choose to set their blog up on Tumblr, then configuring settings so that the Tumblr blog redirects users to your own website. As with any other image-rich social media platform, be sure to use great images!

Is Tumblr right for you? With its potential, it’s sure worth looking into!


LinkedINLinkedIn is our absolute FAVORITE social media platform for networking. It can really make a difference in any business when you know how to use it right. We’re such big fans of LinkedIn that we’ve put together a whole course on how to use it like a ninja Pro. Unless you’re more of a pirate fan, and then we’ll teach you how to use it like a pirate Pro. Either way, you’re going to love LinkedIn.

Is LinkedIn right for you? If you’re a professional or a business, go get on LinkedIn. Right now.

Then let us help you become a LinkedIn Pro – or manage your networking for you.

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