When my children want to get my attention, they’ve created some super creative ways to do so. My favorite, so far, was when the older one managed to smear poop all over the bathroom. Thankfully, when businesses are trying to get people’s attention on Facebook, we don’t resort to that kind of method!

We’re all trying to expand our social media reach. We all want more attention so that we can build and grow our businesses. What we’re willing to do to get that attention, though, is what differentiates companies, people, and pages.

One of the best ways to expand your social media reach is to use Facebook Ads. You see, Facebook’s current algorithm limits how many people see your posts. They do this so that people are only seeing the posts that they really want to see. If the small subset of your followers shown that piece interacts with the post, Facebook shows it to more people. The only way around this is to pay them (which is a great business model, if you think about it! It benefits users AND their bottom line. I only wish I’d thought of it first!).

As you’re deciding to run your Facebook ad, the first thing to do is to decide the WHY behind your ad.Decide the

What kind of Facebook Ad should you run?

No matter what social media platform you’re using, you’re going to need to decide on which kind of ads to run. Some of the most common ads are:

  • Brand-enhancing ads
  • Lead generating ads
  • Order generating ads

Are you trying to get people to know, like or trust you so that they’ll follow you? Go with a brand-enhancing ad that focuses on engagement.

Are you trying to generate a list of warm leads? Set up an ad that generates lots of page Likes or sign-ups on your newsletter list.

Or are you trying to make a sale? Set up an ad that promotes and encourages people to buy your products and services.

Do you bet your bottom dollar on a soft or a hard sale?

money-finance-bills-bank-notes-1Once you know which kind of ad you’re going to run, you need to stop and think about how you want to present your company in this ad. You do need to decide if you want to do a hard sale or a soft sale.

Overall, I have to recommend using both methods. They each have their strengths and places where they really shine. That’s why I recommend doing some serious A/B testing when it comes to your ads. For example, you could set up an A/B test comparing a hard sale and a soft sale.

Now, most people on Facebook are going to prefer engaging with and sharing fun content. They’re going to like things that get their attention and stand out. They aren’t going to like a lead generating ad that doesn’t interest them. I know – that should go without saying, right? If only…

But no matter which one you pick or A/B test, you need to have a metric to measure the bang for your buck.

How to guarantee a successful run using Facebook Ads

If you’re going for lead generation, how will you know if your ad was successful? Well, if by “lead generation” you mean “hey, I want a lot of new page likes! The extra exposure will be invaluable for my company!” then let’s measure that. On the other hand, if by “lead generation” you mean getting people to click on your “subscribe” button to that newsletter, measure that.

The point is that your goals for the ad needs to be specific enough that you can measure a single result. Because, otherwise two horrible things happen: you won’t be able to know if the ad was successful AND people will just look at your ad, smile, forget it, and move on.

When you ask people to take just one simple action, they’re a whole lot more likely to follow through.

Working with any social media platform really is like working with my kids: it takes detailed, specific, and frequent goals AND directions. If I don’t do that, they’re going to find some cute, destructive way to misinterpret what I say. So if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck with Facebook Ads, make sure you’re being super specific there, too.

What is the most effective (or least effective) Facebook ad you’ve seen, and why? Tell us all about it. Leave us a comment below or on Facebook. We’ll be responding to every comment, but we’re especially looking forward to yours!

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