I was an unusual 4 year old. I loved watching the news. At only 4, I wasn’t particularly interested in the content. The typical grisly, violent stories went right over my head. What I loved was the newscasters, especially the meteorologist. I tuned in every day to see my “friends” and hear them talk to me.

These days people are watching more video than ever. Not so much on TV anymore. It’s the Internet’s turn to reign. People watch videos for all sorts of reason. Entertainment. Learning. Boredom.

Videos are a great way to build a relationship with current and potential customers. You can educate customers about your subject area. You can come up with fun ways to promote your products visually. You also get to draw upon the inner 4 year old in everyone: that need for human connection. No longer are you a faceless business person. Videos can turn the business-customer relationship into a friendship.

Facebook Live is one of the newest options for incorporating video into your Social Media strategy. As the name indicates, you can air live videos, but you can do a lot more than that. Let’s explore Facebook Live a bit further:marketing-man-person-communication (1)

How to Make a Facebook Live Video

Before we explore the benefits of Facebook Live, let’s delve into how you create a video.

  1. Click on your Status section of your Facebook page. This pops up into a new page. Toward the bottom, there’s an option for “Live Video.”
  2. Once you’ve clicked on the “”Live Video,” adjust your privacy settings to allow Facebook access to your camera and microphone.
  3. Now the camera pops up. Before you start your video, you want to decide who can see it. Click the icon under your name, which defaults to “Friends.” Choose who you want to share the video with: Public, Friends, Friends Except (exclude certain people), or Only Me.
  4. Next you need to write a short, but compelling description of your video. This is your elevator pitch that will hook or lose your audience.
  5. Make sure the camera is at the right angle. If you want to do a selfie view, switch the perspective at the top right corner. Also, make sure it’s not aimed at your feet or the light fixture.
  6. Lights, Camera, Action! Start your video by clicking Go Live. You can talk as little as you want or as long as 4 hours. When you’re done, click Finish. Be sure to save the video to your camera roll, so it won’t disappear into the movie ether.

Interaction with Customers

What makes Facebook Live different than Youtube? It’s the ability to interact with viewers in real time.

Check the top of your screen while you’re filming (or have someone else on hand to keep an eye on it). You can see how many viewers you have at any point in time. Look below where the camera image is and you’ll see all comments people leave for you. The newest comments will be at the top.

Interact with your commenters. Whether the people on camera are reading the comments as they go or someone in the background is following the comments and then passing along, it’s important to take advantage of the live filming nature. (If the person on camera is the one reading the comments, make sure they do so without any awkward pauses…or you may not keep your viewers for long).

Thank people by name for commenting. Ask questions and tell people to comment. You can react to their opinions in real time and add your own. If commenters ask questions, be sure to answer them.

Don’t be afraid to have fun. If you have a candle company, ask viewers about their favorite candy bar. Everyone loves talking about food. You could even use it to get great ideas for a new candle line.

Part of the goal of Facebook Live is to build a relationship with your customers. Interacting with them in real time makes it feel like you’re friends. You put a face on a company. If customers like you and think you’re fun, they’re more likely to trust you, more likely to purchase your products, and even more likely to forgive if something goes wrong.

Save for Later

Not everyone has time to tune into a live video. Facebook Live has you covered for that. Your video doesn’t disappear after you air it live. You can save the video onto your Facebook page. You can also embed the video onto other sites, like your blog.

Be sure to edit the video after you make it. The Facebook editing options are rather limited, but they can help you maximize SEO and attract more viewers. Pull up your video into it’s own pop-up. Then click on Options and then click on Edit this video.

Within the editing page, you can choose from different screen captures to pick the best looking thumbnail for the video. You can tag people who appear in the video, log the location and date where the video was filmed. Most importantly, is that you can add a title and edit the description. This is where you can maximize SEO potential by using the best keywords for your industry so your video will pull up higher in the search rankings.

Facebook Live is another fabulous tool in the social media shed. Not only can you reach out to customers visually, but you can also interact with them in real time. Especially for companies that don’t have traditional storefronts, being able to put a human face in a customer’s mind does wonders for customer confidence. Tap into your customer’s inner child and become their new friend.

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