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Everything you need to know about outsourcing

Let’s chat outsourcing. 

How do you know what to outsource? Why should you outsource? How do you know who to hire? 

There is a lot to think about!

But it can be exciting – especially when you are thinking about outsourcing social media. 

Today we are chatting all things outsourcing – what can you outsource, why should you outsource, and how to know who to hire. 

Well for most (if not all) entrepreneurs, you are used to handling everything on your own. 

And let’s be honest – it can get overwhelming. 

Specifically managing your social media.  There are posts to make, stories to create, engagement to manage, and videos to record. 

One of the smartest things you can do as an entrepreneur is to delegate some of your work – especially the things that aren’t your zone of genius. 

What can you outsource?

Have you ever wondered what you can outsource? Oftentimes we forget to think about getting support because you aren’t sure where to start. 

Here are the things I personally outsource:

  • Babysitting.  I have littles at home.  If I didn’t have a babysitter to help during the day, I wouldn’t have time to focus and work. It’s one of the best investments we have ever made in the business.  We have a sitter a few days a week so I can focus on client calls and just work without interruption.  
  • Branding.  Yep. I have a branding coach.  She helps keep me in line and focused on my ideal client.
  • Business Coach.  I have a business coach and mastermind group that keeps me accountable to my goals.
  • Social media management. I have an amazing team of 3 that help not only with my own social media but with my client’s implementation too. They are freaking amazing and I don’t know what I would do without them. 
  • Marketing Expert. Yep. I have one of these too. She manages all things emails, bots, and ads.  She takes all of that implementation headache off my plate!

Why is it important to have a team?

This entrepreneurial journey can be lonely. There is no reason that you can go at it alone – nor should you want to!  I wouldn’t make it through the day without talking with my business bestie and accountability team.  Seriously. They make all the difference in the world.  

Besides not wanting to be alone, it’s important to have a team because guess what, #NewsFlash, you aren’t good at all the things.  We all have our own zone of genius.  We all have that one thing we are really good at – otherwise why would be be in business, right?

When you hire out the tasks that aren’t your zone of genius, your life, and the entrepreneurial journey will get better.  I promise!

One of our clients recently said, “Kristy’s team has been an invaluable addition to my team and hs increased my visibility which has resulted in new business.”  

So not only does she have support with her daily postings and content, she has NEW business!  Her zone of genius is sales and networking. Mine is content and social media.  So its a #WinWin for both of us. 

How do you know who to hire?

There are a few questions you should ask before you hire:

  • Does the person you are hiring have the systems or processes in place to support your team?
  • Do they understand your branding, ideal client, and mission?  You want to make sure they are representing your business the way you have built it!
  • Does the person understand your industry? Or are they willing to learn?
  • Do they have solid results for other clients?

Choosing someone to hire is an extension of your brand and what you have created. 

We recently uncharacteristically had 2 spots open for new done-for-you clients.  I don’t often talk about having space for these because we typically have a waitlist!  

We get amazing results for our clients like increasing reach by 1,00% and doubling sales on a product launch. 

If you are looking to outsource your social media so you have consistent daily postings, repurposing your content to leverage, optimize, and scale your content across multiple platforms for increased visibility, and content that converts, then let’s chat

1 of the 2 spots has already been filled.  I would be thrilled to help you blow your Q4 goals out of the water. 

DM me to see if it’s a good fit!