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I absolutely hate meal planning. That’s why my husband took over, actually. So that it’d actually get done (and we could keep our grocery bill to a respectable amount). The point, though, is that when we recognized a problem, we immediately took action and fixed it. (Mostly)

Odds are you know how important email marketing is. You’ve probably even read our article about how easy and amazing it can be to set up autoresponders. That being said, the majority of companies simply don’t use email marketing to its fullest potential.


Well… because it takes a lot of work. Granted, once you’ve got the email series set up in your autoresponder series, it’s easy. Because new subscribers go through the series of emails and it walks them, step by step, from casual acquaintance to dedicated client.

www-internet-email-communication-electronic-lettersIn the meantime, though, you’ve got to keep writing those emails. And, if you’re really good, you’re going to want to check the stats of opened emails, which ones get reliable clicks, and make changes so that those numbers go up a lot.

Thankfully, there’s two ways to make email marketing easy peasy.

Method #1 is this: start today. Set up your list and schedule that first email. Set it up so that new prospective clients are automatically delivered that email at a certain time (like, within a day or so of subscribing to your list). From there, just stay on top with the earliest clients – and in no time, you’ll have an entire treasure trove of emails for your email marketing.

Oh – and after you’ve got plenty of emails to pad your email marketing portfolio, then you can go in and make those tweaks to make it even better.

Method #2 is even easier: it’s having a proven team handle it for you. Let’s face it; you’re busy. We get that. That’s why having Admin-ease on your team to handle it all for you is a fantastic option. We’ll write, schedule, optimize, test, and tweak those emails for you. All you have to do is enjoy closing more sales. Now that’s a win-win situation!referral2

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