As I watch my boys growing up, I’ve noticed that they do more than just grow taller. I mean, they also gain weight, learn new skills, and learn to throw epic tantrums. And while my kids will one day grow out of those tantrums (they will, right?) it’s still important for me to measure their growth. And to measure all of it, not just one aspect of it.

When it comes to measuring your social media metrics, you can’t forget to measure how your blog posts perform, too. Because if you’re using a complete marketing strategy, let’s be honest: the two are interdependent.

blogginBlog posts aren’t “one and done”

With very few exceptions, most blog posts can be repurposed across several fronts.

Okay, so if you’re blogging about how awesome Taylor Swift’s latest concert was, that may not be reusable. But if you’re writing about the importance of social media marketing, that’s definitely recyclable.

In fact, I want you to take a look at where you’re reading this. If you’re on my blog, how’d you get here? Or if you’re reading this on LinkedIn, did you see this the first time I published it – back on my blog?

Odds are that, no matter where you are reading this at, it’s the first time you’ve seen this post. That’s why I share and reshare this information across several social media platforms.

But don’t blog blast everyone!

Now, when I share and reshare these posts, I’m careful and deliberate about how, when, and where I do that. I’m not just going to set up a Twitter account to spam you every 33 minutes:

“Hey! Read this new post here. #lotsofhashtagstogetlotsofattention”

Not only is that not classy, it’s also way rude. And those are two ways to *not* get new clients. And since my business is using networking in a classy means to get you *more* business, I’m going to use it in the same manner to grow my own business.

blogging 2Measuring how they perform

Then, as you look at your blog metrics, you’ll be able to see which posts were deemed the most helpful – by seeing which ones got shared the most and/or had the most views. It’s kosher to keep sharing these on a regular – but well-spaced – interval. After all, that info is helpful, and you want to keep helping people, right? So keep sharing it.

Not only will it boost your blog, but it’ll also boost your social media. Because let’s face it: not everyone on your Facebook page sees every post notification; not every Twitter follower saw your Tweet; and not every Periscoper tuned in to your latest Scope. You get the idea. So feel free to share away. As long as that doesn’t cause my kids to throw a tantrum, that is.

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