I used to be afraid of using automated systems. I was afraid that my brand would be seen as robot-like because of the templates or systems that would be in place. Well, it turns out my fears were completely unfounded.robot

Automated systems help you grow faster.

I was afraid to put templates and automated systems into place because I wanted my brand to be personable, dedicated, and awesome. Only it wasn’t growing like it should have. I knew that it was awesome, but I couldn’t get the message out clearly enough. The message wasn’t getting far enough, either.

So I tried a few automated systems, delegated a few tasks, and built some templates.

And you know what? My message got further. It reached more people. It had a bigger impact. As a result, business began to boom. I was flabbergasted. I’d been 100% wrong and I was glad to admit it!

There’s a huge difference between robots and systems.beat-up-engine-free-license-cc0-980x647

Just because I’d implemented those templates, systems, and delegated tasks didn’t mean that my business was now a robot. Far from it! It was more alive and growing faster than I’d anticipated.

Using the automated systems and such gave me the time and breathing room I needed to make sure that my business and message had the life it needed to continue to grow. No more stifling myself with reinventing the wheel every thirty seconds. No more worrying about writing out lengthy forms for each new proposal, worrying that I’d covered all of the legal aspects. No – now I can just pull up the form, personalize it, and send it out in just a few minutes.

Far from being a robot, this allows me to be personable *and* efficient. Those are two qualities that I value and I know that my valued clients and partners are grateful for them, too.

Adding additional systems in the future

As Admin-ease continues to grow, we’ll be adding additional systems. I’ll be creating additional templates. Drip email campaigns (also known as automated emails) will be written and added. I’ll be tweaking old systems and templates to keep them at peak performance. I’ll be testing new systems and software to see what works best for me and my partners. And I’ll be tapping into my amazing team and their experience to keep things running smoothly.


Because your business is worth it. Your business is *our* business and we want to make sure yours looks and runs like clockwork (and not a personality-free robot. Nobody on my team is a robotics specialist, so you’re safe, I promise you!).

I’d love to show you how having Admin-ease on your team can help you. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let’s chat.

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