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Picture this: you’re desperately shuffling through a stack of papers. You know the one you’re looking for, but it isn’t there. And you need it – NOW. You look once more through the overgrown pile of important notices. Then you rush to another stack of papers on your desk. It isn’t there, either. Maybe it’s at home – on the kitchen table.

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It’s an all-too familiar scene. It’s one that I’ve lived on countless occasions. Which is why I’ve tried to go as paperless as possible. Only, now that my oldest is in school, it’s making it harder! He wants to keep *every* single paper he colors – and especially the ones he brings home from school.

A lot of times we unintentionally treat out business the same way we do our cluttered desks. How? Well, think about this: how do you follow up with potential clients? Do you follow up with them? Or do they flutter around the room, much like the stack of papers after you’ve angrily thrown the whole stack up in utter frustration?

That’s why having a client management system is vital. Not only can you keep track of who you’ve met, you can keep notes on where you met them, things you learned about them, and ideas for moving them along the path from prospect to buyer.

There’s a lot of such systems out there. Some are, though, far superior to the others.

LinkedIn Pro tip: Did you know there’s a way to keep track within their whole system? There is – and it’s beautifully easy to use!

That’s why we recommend you create, use, and systematically update a client management system such as Insightly (which is our favorite). That way, you’re on top of the game – rather than wondering where that lost paper or business card ended up.increased-sales

If you’re ready to up your game and ditch the confusing paper trail, let Admin-ease help you get there through a proven client management system. Just click here to set up a FREE consultation today.

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