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Well, friends. Here is it.  The last blog post of 2019.

I’ll be honest, 2019 has not been my most favorite year.  But we have to have one of those every few years right? BUT, that just makes me all the more excited to leave 2019 in the dust for an amazing new decade in 2020!

Despite it not being my most favorite year, there are a few things that worked really well.  (Don’t worry – next week, I’ll be sharing my predictions for 2020. Some of them are super good too, so make sure you don’t miss it!) 

A couple of these things helped one of our clients increase her engagement rates by over 125% and another her video views went up 57%!  Yeah, you read those numbers right. 

First, Content Planning

With our clients, myself included, we take time every single month to plan content. We talk about the core values, themes, ideal client, events coming up, new promotions, etc.  

It’s important that we are in sync with our client and that the content is cohesive across all the platforms. What you are talking about on video should match your blog post, your newsletter, and your social media posts.

Taking time to plan what you are posting on social media, writing about in your blog, and talking about on video will take out the stress of what marketing tasks you should be doing each day. If you outsource your social media, it gives you the chance to plan and review with your team before implementation.

Planning content also allows for more opportunities to repurpose content.  Read more about content repurposing (my love language!) here, here, and here.

Second, reviewing the analytics

How often are you looking at your numbers? At the very least, you should be looking at them monthly.  

For me, it’s part of my weekly planning session each Monday.  I plan the week, review projects, look at my sales numbers, and review my analytics from the previous week.  

Whatever time works for you, just do it.

You have to know what’s working and what isn’t with your content. The only way to know is by reviewing the numbers. Here are a few ideas of what you should be looking for:

  • If you got a ton of engagement on a post, do more of that!  
  • If you had more clicks on an article, determine why.  
  • Are people stopping your video after 10 seconds?  Change up the intro. 
  • Is no one clicking through from your blog post on LinkedIn to your website? Adjust the caption.

Third, the “Hero’s Journey” isn’t working anymore

The Hero’s Journey when a hero/person goes on an adventure, learns a lesson, then uses that knowledge to accomplish something great.  The content and posts are typically really long with this format. 

People are wanting more micro-content or shorter pieces that are easier to consume (more about that next week in my Predictions for 2020).  

The Hero’s Journey is typically self-promoting. Your customer wants to hear about their journey.  More about that next week too.

We advise our clients to make those longer posts less often than they previously did. Rather, use those longer posts as blog posts or break them up into several smaller posts/videos.

And finally, social media is about being social

Shocker, I know. And for some people reading this it probably really is a shocker.  

We have people come to us all the time that just want to hand off their social media, without any input from them and want it to convert 100 new customers a month.  

News flash.  That will never work.

It’s called social media for a reason.  You have to be social on social media.  

When I don’t have as many sales calls in a week or my engagement on Facebook goes down or there are fewer people watching my videos, I can always trace it back to how much was I on social media that week. Always.

It’s still possible (and a really good idea too!) to outsource your social media.  

Seriously, very few people have the time or energy to put into their social media what is required to convert (myself included – that’s why I have an amazing team that supports me with it!)  

Whoever you are working with, make sure they are giving you an action plan or a few ideas of what YOU should be doing each week on your personal channels, in addition to what they are doing for you.  

  • Are you using stories? 
  • Did you record a video or write a blog post?  
  • Did you respond to comments?  
  • Did you share a picture of you with your team or post yourself?

If your social media team isn’t sharing some ways you can be social, ask them. I’m sure they will be happy that you want to help!

That’s it, friends.  That is my list of what worked really well for us and our customers in 2019.

I would love to hear what worked for you and what you’ll keep doing in the new year. Shoot me an email or comment on Facebook.

Cheers to an amazing 2020!

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