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3 Big Mistakes You are Making While Repurposing Your Content

Content Repurposing is the best way to maximize your content right now.  But there are also some critical mistakes that you may be making that are easy to fix. 

Keep reading to avoid these costly Content Repurposing mistakes.

Reposting not repurposing

So often, people will come to me and say, “Yes, I am repurposing my content. I post everything on Instagram and Facebook. 

Friends. Lovingly, that is not repurposing.  That is reposting. 

Now there is a time and place for reposting. Maybe you are just getting started and aren’t clear on your messaging or don’t have a team, and reposting is what works with your business right now. 

Content Repurposing is all about taking existing content and transforming it innovatively — such as refreshing your blog post to make it more relevant or breaking down the video into smaller snippets perfect for social media sharing. It’s a powerful tool for connecting with the modern audience.

To qualify as repurposing, it needs to do one of these things:

  1. Change the audience: rewrite content with a different target audience. 
  2. Change the format: recreate the content in another medium (make a blog post into several social media posts, a video into a blog post, or a long-form social media post into a newsletter. The possibilities are endless.)   

Create once, repurpose twice

We teach our clients to “Create once, repurpose twice.”  It’s a simple and efficient rule that will dramatically increase your brand presence online without getting stuck on the hamster wheel of content creation. 

Essentially, you’ll create one quality piece of long-form content, then repurpose it for two other platforms or mediums. This approach will save time and effort while also reaching a wider audience. 

I recommend starting with a video and repurposing it to social media and a newsletter (we love building email lists around here!)

For more seasoned business owners consistently creating content already, you can create 15 pieces of new content each week. 

There are a million ways to repurpose, but this list has some of our favorites. 

Not repurposing past content.

Have you ever spent hours creating a piece of content just to post it one time, then it gets lost in the black hole of your blog?

No one wants that. 

You put a lot of work, research, and time into creating that piece of content, so why not maximize the mileage you get out of it?

We recommend regularly updating past blogs that apply to your season of business.  For example, each month, I find 1-2 blogs I previously wrote about that particular content pillar (theme of the month).  I save time by updating the blog post, then repurposing it.  

Most of the content is relevant, but current links, processes, offers, or expired strategies can always be updated. This saves me time creating my cornerstone piece of content for the week and gives me something new to repurpose.  It’s a win-win!

Repurposing your content will change your world, but avoid these content repurposing mistakes. Your marketing is more cohesive and consistent.  You’ll reach a bigger audience.  And it makes content creation a helluva lot more efficient. 

If you are looking for support with content repurposing, let’s chat. At our content repurposing agency, we offer DFY, DIY, and hybrid options to support your marketing goals.