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Content Predictions for 2020

I realize I’m a week behind getting out my list of content trends for 2020. I apologize to those who were waiting so patiently for me!  

We have had MASSIVE amounts of sickness in our home since Christmas.  My daughter had RSV and all 5 of us had Influenza B. It has not been fun and needless to say has caused a slow start to the year.  

BUT I’m not going to let that deter me!  I have so many good things planned for this year and I’m ready to get moving!

In my last video and blog 2 weeks ago, I talked about what went well in 2019. This week I want to give you specifics on what I’m forecasting to be trends in 2020.  So stick around because there are some simple and brilliant ones here!

Have you thought about what the content trends are for 2020?  It’s not too late to plan your content for the year or even the quarter!  

There are 4 things that I believe will make a massive difference in how you show up online this year for your ideal client.

First, having a strategy is a MUST.

You hear me talk about this one a lot.  I’m obviously very passionate about it. It is the #1 thing that you MUST HAVE for 2020. Seriously.  If you have been putting off creating a strategy for 2020, NOW IS THE TIME. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot and there is still time to create one.  

You need to identify your goals (be specific) and how you plan to achieve them.  We have a client that wants to double her following on Facebook this year. So we mapped out a plan by quarter of how she is going to do that.  What her daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks are so there is never a question. 

We also included a piece on metrics, so she knows what she is tracking and why.  Having that clarity is what’s going to propel her forward this year. And now, she has a solid plan that she can have her VA and marketing assistant help implement.  

Second, your Customer Journey needs to be the focus.

I have talked a little bit about this recently and you’ll hear me talk about it more and more in the coming months.  Your content in 2020 needs to be focused on your client, rather than your zone of genius. Make it about them. 

  • How does working with you help them feel more connected?
  • How will it get them to their next level?
  • Does your content speak to different people at different levels?

Content is meant to keep the conversation going.  That’s something that often gets overlooked or forgotten.  Your fans don’t want “one and done”. They want to follow along with you and engage.  So give them that opportunity.

Third, Video & Stories must have engagements.

You already know that video and stories are a must for your marketing plan.  But have you made plans for engagement? Guess what? Facebook is super smart, so it knows when you aren’t getting engagement and will show your content less often.

That may freak you out a little bit, but never fear!  There are strategies for that! A couple of my favorite suggestions for our clients:

  • Ask people to join you live and engage.  It will boost your confidence having some friends watch and talk.
  • Give a heads up on your personal page to your fans before you go live on your business page.  People need reminders.
  • Repurpose your content.  Y’all know that I’m a big fan of that. If you have a story or post that lands well with your audience, do more like that!
  • Keep your videos and stories educational and engaging, instead of lecture style. People like to see the softer side of you.

Fourth, Omnipresence is mandatory.

Omnipresence is being on multiple platforms, consistently.  Algorithms change 3,000 times per year (say what?!?!) Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to keep up with that.  I’m not saying turn a blind eye to the changes. But I am encouraging you to be focused on the big prize and your big goals.  

Consistency on multiple platforms is more important than trying to keep up with the changes on one platform.

But how do you manage omnipresence when you are short on time as it is?  

You have a plan (we can help with that!) and you learn to repurpose your content (again, we can help with that and I have tons of resources on the blog.)

That’s it, folks! Those are my predictions for 2020. 

What trends are you watching for this year?

Prefer to watch the video?? Tune in HERE!