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The Magic of the Marketing Rule of 7 and Content Repurposing

If you’ve been around for any length of time, you have heard me talk about the Marketing Rule of 7. It’s essentially that your audience has to see your content at least 7 times before they will move forward in your funnel or share their information with you.

You probably already know that your audience is bombarded with information every single day. So seeing your content once is unlikely to encourage them to take a closer look.

This is where the Marketing Rule of 7 comes in.

How to Really Measure ROI – Use Your Social Media Platform

There are so many ways to track your content results.

You could have the best metrics in the world, but if you aren’t clear on your ideal client and messaging, you’re not being effective with your strategy or finding the success you’re looking for.

The first step to creating visibility is by effectively using your social media. If it’s not reaching the right target audience, you’re not going to find social media success.

So how do you really measure ROI from social media?

Tune in to discover the skinny on social media ROI.

4 Social Media Metrics you should be tracking this year

If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know that Metrics – especially social media metrics – are kinda my love language.

Metrics can be kind of confusing if you aren’t sure what to look for and why the numbers are so important. There is reach and engagement and followers and video views and so many more. And the names of the metrics can vary from channel to channel.

I’m going to be walking you through the most basic metrics that every company should be paying attention to based on your goals.

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