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Are you creating connection on social media?

The purpose of social media is to create connection, right?  So how are you doing that on a consistent basis? Are you focused on the relationships or are you just showing up when you need a sale or maybe just to check something off your to-do list because you...

Making Social Media Simple With a Strategy

We are officially ½ way through 2020. Do you have a social media strategy in place for the next 6 months? Maybe that’s a glass half thing for you or maybe it’s a glass half empty.  Where ever you are at, know that there is still time to reach your...

3 Simple Ways to Drive Results with your Content

Is your content driving the results your business demands? Seriously. Let’s talk about that for a minute.  Results can mean a variety of different things.  It can be increased engagement, more sales, or even having a strong social presence so everyone...

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