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So summer is upon us.  Or for us in Utah, it’s already here.  (Besides all the unusually rainy weather we have been having ?)  It’s not been an awesome start.

How do you spend your summer?

My summers are filled with camping, popsicles, lazy nights, outdoor movies, swimming, and BBQ’s.  I tend to work a little less and enjoy time with my family a little bit more. I would bet that most entrepreneurs share a pretty similar schedule.

One thing that doesn’t stop though or slow down is my content.  My business typically ebbs and flows every 3 months. So if I slow down in June, I notice it in September. If I take the summer off, then I won’t meet my Q4 goals. ?

Yep.  Not awesome. ?

So what do you do about it? You have a plan!

Summer planning

Do you have a plan for summer?  Do you have a content calendar that tells your team (or yourself) when and what to post?  Is recording live video and stories scheduled in your day? Brenden Burchard says “Success is scheduled.”  EVEN in the summer!!

So we are big campers.  I love being in the mountains – preferably with no cell service!  The smell of the pines lingering in the air. And the smell of the campfire as we roast marshmallows.  My kids running around completely covered in dirt and playing with bugs. This is #MyHappyPlace. It brings me so much joy.

When I was younger and didn’t have kids, it was really common for my husband and I to just decide we wanted to camp.  We would grab a few snacks and drinks, then head up the canyon. There wasn’t a whole lot of planning and we typically forgot a few things, but we made do because it was just us.

That is so not the way it works now though!  I have 3 other little humans that I’m responsible for, so I have to have a plan.  Before we camp, we plan the meals, make sure we have packed enough diapers and blankets.  I make sure I have activities for the kids and enough ziplocks for all the creatures they catch.  Oh and of course with the kids, we have to have marshmallows for the fire.

This used to take me a while to pack and so our regular camping trips required A LOT of work.  It got a bit discouraging at times, but I was determined so we made it work because it’s so important to my family.

But then, we bought a trailer.  So now almost everything is ready when we want to go camping. I keep a checklist in the trailer of the things that need to be restocked, but everything else is already in there (chairs, blankets, kids activities, camping shoes, etc.)  It makes it sooo much easier! Now we just go through the checklist quickly and then head out. I love it.

How content is like camping

It’s very similar with your content plan and calendar for summer.  Once you have been preparing for a while and you have a checklist handy, it makes the planning pretty simple.  You are in luck because the FREE 5-Day Challenge to creating an awesome content calendar is coming up!  

You will learn all my ninja tricks to make creating the calendar and having a content plan for summer a breeze. Once you have the ideas, keywords, and delivery method, actually writing the content becomes super simple! So then you can enjoy your summer eating popsicles and laying by the pool. 🙂

Please join us!!

And tell me, what is your favorite thing about summer??

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