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mom15When I get ready to head out the door every day, one of the last things I do is reach for my car keys. Of course, they’re supposed to be on the car key tray in the kitchen. Sometimes, however, they’re not there. And unfortunately, by “sometimes” I mean “quite frequently”. I blame my boys… they like to play with the keys and pretend they’re driving places. The truth, however, is that sometimes I forget to put them there when I come home after a meeting with a client.

Sometimes I leave them in my purse. Once or twice I’ve left them in the front door key hole after unlocking the door. And sometimes they’re in the fridge (remember: I have small boys!).

That’s why I started the whole key tray in the first place: so that I have a system. And having a system is hugely important. Why?

Well, because when I follow my system, I don’t have to wonder where my keys are. They’re on the tray – in the kitchen. I know right where they are when I need to head somewhere. I don’t have to search high and low – or waste valuable time wondering if they got washed in my pants by accident.

It’s the same for any other business system. We build those systems so that we can reliably and efficiently get the job done. So that our clients can rely on us. And by being reliable and efficient, it opens the door to many other amazing opportunities. Provided I can find the keys, of course.

If you’re ready to create, maintain, or revamp your business systems, let Admin-ease help facilitate things. Let us handle the hard work so that you can keep working and living your life. Just click here to get a FREE consultation today.

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