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2021 Guide to Content Repurposing

I’m a firm believer that you should NEVER use a piece of content just 1 time. You took the time to create it (which for some of us is harder to find the time than others), so you should get more miles out of those tires!

4 ways to make your Social Media Marketing Social

Did you know businesses that properly use social media see improved ROI up to 119?%


People love to share their lives over the internet and keep up with their favorite brands, which is why social media must improve your brand awareness….and be social.

Discover all the reasons why you need to be social and even a few tips to make it easier.

4 Social Media Metrics you should be tracking this year

If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know that Metrics – especially social media metrics – are kinda my love language.

Metrics can be kind of confusing if you aren’t sure what to look for and why the numbers are so important. There is reach and engagement and followers and video views and so many more. And the names of the metrics can vary from channel to channel.

I’m going to be walking you through the most basic metrics that every company should be paying attention to based on your goals.

Is your social media content ready for 2021?

Let’s talk content planning. 💯

Have you set your goals for 2021? Is one of them to get your message out to more people?

Then you better have a content plan!

This week, discover what it takes to create a great content plan for the new year. 🥳

All the Instagram Features and How To Use Them

There is the Instagram Grid, Stories, IGTV, Instagram Live, and Reels.   AAAHHH! What’s the difference between all of them? Do I use them all or focus on one? Can I cross promote? Common questions I often get asked! Instagram Grid This is where it all started. With...

The Surprisingly Simple Steps to Repurposing Content

Do you ever freeze up because you don’t know what to talk about online so you don’t create anything new? Or maybe you are creating too much and you are burnt out from creating content and social media posts day after day? There is a better way.  So we have been...

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