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Every year, I make a list of Best Software for Small Business.  These are the programs that I regularly use throughout the year. You can view last years post here.  These are the programs that work for me and my business. Every business is different and has different needs, so there are some things to keep in mind when choosing what is right for your company.

Last year my favorites were Loom, Calendly, Zoom, Asana, and Rev.

And guess what?

I love them all just as much as I did a year ago. 🙂

Knowing What Software Is Right For You

I test a lot of software before deciding on one to use. I look at the functionality, ease of use, as well as the cost.  Those are all important to me if I’m going to start using a new service.  We need to “work smarter, not harder”, right?  We waste so much time each day doing random things, so I need to know that the software I’m using is contributing to my productivity, not taking from it because I’m trying to figure out how a program works.

There are a few important questions that you should ask yourself before signing up for a new software program:

  1. What is your goal?
  2. What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  3. Do you need it for multiple team members or just yourself?
  4. Do they offer a free trial so you can do a test drive?
  5. What is their customer service like?  Is there an option to reach a live person? What does their help or FAQ section look like?

Okay, okay. I know questions to ask yourself isn’t why you clicked on this post.  So without further ado – here are my top choices for 2018.  I use these on a daily basis.

My Favorite Software In 2018


This has become one of my favorite programs. I use it every single day.  I use it to communicate with my team and clients.  I can share documents through it.  It integrates with tons of softwares. It’s searchable.  I can create channels with just some team members or based on a specific keyword.  It’s pretty versatile.

One of my favorite features is the integration I set up with Howdy.  It automatically sends a message to my team on Friday mornings asking how their week went.  This allows me to get a check in with my team, without requiring any work on my part.  Score. 🙂

If you have a team or work with clients on a retainer basis, I strongly encourage you add this software to your lineup.

Google Drive

There are so many online storage programs out there, but I personally love Google Drive. I love that I can collaborate with my team and clients easily, and that it tracks any changes.  I do sometimes wish I had some of the more advanced features of Excel or Word, but for the most part, it works very well for me.  I still do use Dropbox for a few things, but I use Google Drive for work mainly. It integrates with so many systems and just keeps things easy and streamlined for me. I am clearly a Google fan!


Expensify automates every step of the expense management process.  I love it because then I don’t have paper receipts!  After I make a purchase on my business card, I scan my receipt with this app, then throw the receipt away. It’s awesome.  Then at the end of every month, I reconcile the receipts and it integrates with my QuickBooks.

If needed, you can have your staff submit their expense reports through here too, but I don’t use that feature. Knowing how well the rest of this app works, I’m sure the expense reports part works just as well 🙂


So, I would love to hear!  What are your favorite programs to use for business?

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