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Owning a new business can be thrilling, invigorating, terrifying, and more. I mean, owning your own business covers a whole range of emotions and thoughts. Being a new business owner just means that you’re new(er) to those thoughts and emotions than more seasoned business owners are.

Having been through the whole process a couple of times (maybe I’m a bit of a masochist, but I’ve just *loved* being a business owner – even if that does mean I’ve started up a couple of different ventures!), I’ve learned that there is a single amazing aspect to being new that just can’t be replaced.hands-woman-apple-desk

A new business gets to build its own slate.

Sure, every day is a clean slate. But a new business? It’s got a brand spankin’ NEW slate. You get to decide what kind of business it is. You get to decide who your target audience is. And you get to set your own goals, limits, and more. You aren’t confined by existing reviews, customer expectations, or thoughts of self-doubt.

Granted, those things will come. And when they do, you’ll have to keep working to keep your business slate as you designed it to be.

Okay, enough talk about slates and chalkboards – I keep imagining the sound of chalk on it and it’s driving me crazy!

How will you present your image and brand?SplitShire-1270-970x500

As you do decide on your business model and brand, how are you going to present yourself? As you build and grow your business, it’s important to set up a presence for yourself on social media. In fact, I recommend you do so as soon as you can.

For example, a well-known money/mom blogger, Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom, set up her social media accounts quickly. But she delayed when it came to Instagram. She delayed long enough that somebody else claimed the handle she had set up for every other platform. So if you want to make sure that you have brand uniformity, grab those handles as soon as you can.

How will you evolve as you grow?

As your business grows, you’ll need to take into account that your brand and image will evolve. Businesses, like people, have to change to stay relevant.

Because you’re a new business, though, you get to think about this in advance. This means that you’ll be able to guide the changes and evolution to ensure that your brand stays relevant, amazing, and valued.

That’s a pretty awesome advantage right there, friend. Because if you can chart out your course before you’ve begun, you’re going to have a much better time navigating rough waters than if you’re just making it up as you go along.

Oh, but if you ever do need help… we’re here for you. With Admin-ease on your team, you’ll be able to go from overwhelmed and overworked to living and loving your life. Here’s what our valued partners have to say about their transformation process.

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