family-591579_960_720Keys are important. Without them, the car doesn’t start and you’re a few minutes late to a meeting. That’s assuming, of course, that the kids remember where they hid the keys and help you find them quickly.

Now, what about the key to balancing work and home life? The key there is a combination of priorities and balance. But as you do learn to balance work and home life, what then? Well, that’s the key to something else. Three things, actually.

Balancing work and home life is key to:

Happiness and Joy

While work makes me happy, it’s not the reason I wake up every morning. That honor goes to my family. They’re what bring me the most happiness and joy in life. And, by having the right balance in my home and work life, I get to do more with them. I’m happier and more joyful.

And that happiness and joy seeps over into my business. Clients and partners can tell the difference between my “I got to spend quality time with my kids and husband!” self and my “I haven’t been able to spend ANY time with my family and I miss them” self. They prefer the first one – and so do I.

Contentedness and Gratitudesmiling

By having that balance, it’s also a lot easier for me to be content with my life. I’m more grateful for the things I’ve got and for my family. And it’s really hard to be a negative Nelly when you’re busy being Grateful Gertrude.

If you ever call me those, though, I will go all ginger on you. 😉 I’m kidding (mostly).

Increased productivity

Finally, having a balanced work and home life is my key to increased productivity. Why? Easy. I’m able to work hard while I’m at work because I know that I’ll have time to rejuvenate myself, time to spend with my family, and time to do everything else I need to get done.

girls-407685_960_720No, I don’t have an extra 36 hours each day compared to you. But by prioritizing and balancing and constantly adjusting what I need to, I can generally maintain a fantastic balance between work and home life. And I love that fact!

Now, I haven’t covered everything that is a key benefit to leading a balanced life. I’ve only covered three things, because they’re important to me and what’s been on my mind. But I’d love to hear why balance is important to you.

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