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Are you creating connection on social media?

The purpose of social media is to create connection, right?  So how are you doing that on a consistent basis?

Are you focused on the relationships or are you just showing up when you need a sale or maybe just to check something off your to-do list because you know that you “need to be on social media?” 

Social media should be like pineapple. 

And you are probably wondering right about now, “what does Pineapple have to do with social media?”

What does PINEAPPLE represent?

If you have known me for any amount of time, you know that I absolutely love pineapples.  I love the color, the smell, the taste — and most of all the meaning behind them. 

And you can see, I actually have pineapples all over in my background and on my desk.  I have always loved them!

I used to bring a pineapple to work (when I worked in the corporate world) a few times a week. I would cut it up and sit it on my desk to munch on all day. And often friends would come over to visit and take a slice or two.  

It was my way of connecting with the office, being friendly, and inviting people over to my desk. 

Pineapples actually represent warm welcomes, celebrating, and hospitality – especially in the south. And in the 16th century, it was coveted. Kings would pay upwards of $8,000 (in today’s money) for just one fruit to put on display as the centerpiece at their tables. 

Mathematicians love Pineapples because of the order of their prickly skins.

It’s thought to have originated in the Amazon rainforest.  The fruit was worshiped by the Tupi people. They used the meat to make wine and medicines, and crafted poison arrows from it’s leaves and skins.

So now that you know a brief history and probably more than you ever wanted to know, you may be wondering what do pineapple and social media have in common?

What do Pineapple and Social Media have in common?

My point of telling you all that is that once you know what a pineapple represents, you can see how simply I can relate it to social media. 

I actually asked on my Facebook Page what social media and pineapple have in common and I got some really great answers!  Some things I didn’t even think of!

  • Pineapples can be devoured in many different ways … just like social media. Slices, chunks, bite-size pieces, frozen, canned, and fresh.
  • Pineapples may originate in one place, but they can easily be shared with the world if they’re packaged well. (You should start with one platform, then repurpose your content to other platforms)
  • It takes some preparation and work to eat pineapple, but the results are worth it! (Sometimes it does take a bit of time to start getting traction on social media, but once you do, it’s amazing!)
  • Not everyone likes pineapples. No amount of “take my pineapples” will change the mind of someone who doesn’t need pineapples. However, if instead you consistently offer pineapples to people who love them (or, minimally, are willing to explore their awesomeness), you will have engaged customers — *your* customers — for life. (Not everyone will want your product or service, and you won’t love everyone that reaches out to you. That’s okay.  Consistently cultivate the relationships of those people showing up!)

I use pineapples in my branding and marketing because your social media should be like pineapple – it should be welcoming and friendly and hospitable. When someone comes to your page, they should want to be there and love what they see. They should feel welcome and comfortable and want to spend more time with you and learning from you.

Your social media should be so sweet and keep people coming back for more.

I talk often about consistency.  Well, guess what? If you aren’t showing up for your audience, you aren’t being hospitable. You aren’t welcoming them into your space.  

Why is creating connection so important on social media?

When you are on social media, it’s so easy to get lost in the aimless scrolling, the rhythm of your newsfeed, and randomly liking pictures or videos.  We have all done that!

But as a business owner, you want to master the art of connection. You want people to want to watch your videos and engage with your posts. Relationship building is one of the most important things you will ever do as a business owner.

Especially right now where we are still somewhat at home and in masks in public and we can’t see each other’s smiles, people are seeking that connection on social media. They are looking to build relationships now more than ever. We are spending more time online seeking out those connections.

When you are warm, welcoming, and friendly, you will build connections so much faster!  And when you have the connections, your content will naturally turn profitable.  People will want to spend their money and time with you because they know the relationship is real. 

As business owners, we are on social media to cultivate those connections, but also to make money, right? That connection is the first step to monetization. 

So be like the pineapple on your social media.  Be friendly and welcoming. Be a place where people want to be with you and learn from you.

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