strategy-board-marketingWhen I want to get my boys’ attention, I’ve found a universal truth: they generally can’t hear me right away. Sometimes it’s because they’re watching “Curious George” and singing along… sometimes it’s because they’re in another room playing robots at full volume… and other times it’s because they’re snuggled up against me and focused on a book.

No matter the situation, the only way I can get (and keep) their attention is to make sure that they can see me, they can hear me, and I’ve got a cookie in one hand.

I’ve learned how to get their attention. Has your business learned how to get your target audience’s attention?

Make sure your audience can see you

If your audience can’t see you, how do you expect them to know you’re even an option? – Captain Obvious

It’s vital that you advertise and market where your audience already is – otherwise, you’re going to have to do double duty!

That does mean some research. If your market is on Facebook, go there. If they’re on LinkedIn, become an expert. If 1-woman-using-mobile-phone-with-laptop-on-wooden-tablethey’re watching cartoons and Curious George, go sit on the couch with them (or just advertise during a commercial).

Make sure your audience can hear you

Being heard is also important. TV commercials, while they have the potential to reach a large audience, have pros and cons. How many of us actually watch commercials? Or do we just DVR our favorite shows and then fast forward through the commercials?

Making sure your message is one that resonates with your audience is another important factor. In fact, if it tugs those heart strings, it’s significantly more likely to be heard, remembered, and acted upon.

Advertising where it matters (or use a cookie)

advertisingFinally, remember that sometimes a good, old-fashioned giveaway is a great option. People love getting free stuff! With a giveaway, though, make sure it’s relevant – otherwise people will pop around long enough to enter the giveaway and see who wins – and then your spike in engagement will plummet.

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