At the end of 2014, I had just had my 2nd baby. I was a tired mom and dreading going back to my corporate job.  I remember sitting in the rocker one night with my 2 week old baby, praying to God that I would find someway to stay home with my babies.   

That prayer started my road to entrepreneurship and the rest is history.

I started a VA company (then called Admin Ease).  I loved working entrepreneurs to make their lives easier.  I thrived on supporting them and making them shine.  During the next 4 years, I added more contractors and vendors to my team as we grew.

In 2018, I found my true calling in this business world and re-branded to Simply Online.  Our primary focus is helping entrepreneurs be more visible online by sharing their message and content all over the web. 

And I love every single minute of it 🙂

Now I have 3 little kiddos and a husband with 2 Master’s Degrees (both earned while I was running a business), so I know a thing or two about balance and boundaries!

5 fun facts about Kristy

1. The Mountains are #MyHappy Place

I crave to go there.  It’s my sanctuary.  It’s where I feel most connected in the world and one of the only places that keeps me content.

2. I get wild hair ideas really often

When I decide I want to do something – I’m ALL IN!  I don’t wait to pass go and collect my $200.  I just go and learn from the consequences later. It’s not uncommon for me to be up all hours of the night updating my website, preparing a craft for my kids, or reorganizing my house.

3. I own an exorbitant amount of post its

I have post its everywhere.  All over the house, my car, my purse, my desk……  I just never know when I’m going to need one.  And you know in Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion when they say they invented Post Its?  I really wish I did.

4. I’m allergic to running

For reals though.  I break out in hives whenever I try.  I have taken antihistamines or different meds before I run, but nothing helps.  I’m just not meant to run.  And I’m really okay with that.

5. I make new friends everywhere I go

This drives my husband bonkers.  He hates coming with me to the store, because I always come out with a new best friend.  And people open up to me – like tell me their deepest thoughts in that moment.  I guess I just look friendly?  I really do love learning all the things about people. 🙂

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