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First off, being a noob isn’t a terrible thing. Unless you were born as an adult, we all start as newbies in one thing or another. And since there isn’t an accelerated growth formula (or even a super-hero generating formula, sorry to burst your bubble) on the market yet, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been noobs. As you enter the social media marketing scene, there’s a few things that you have to remember if you want to be successful.

Social Media Marketing: use your account!

image4As you add a Twitter account or a Facebook page to your business, you’re doing great. Having an account, though, is pretty useless unless you start using it. Yup: that means it’s time to start posting updates.

Posting Updates: a simple how-not-to.

I know: the temptation to simply post updates on your business’s products is a huge temptation. Don’t give in to it, though! For the love of everything holy, don’t do it! Here’s why:

Think about every generic high-school-is-awesome movie ever made. The whole school shows up for the big party, and the self-important antagonist (usually the jock) is going on and on about how awesome he is and how everyone wants to date him. Do you really want to hang out with that guy? Or would you rather hang out with the story’s protagonist, who’s doing something absolutely hilarious, even though very few people are watching? Remember how these movies end: our nerdy protagonist is going to win.

Social media marketing is the same way. If you’re constantly blasting your audience about your awesome products or sales, eventually your audience is going to get pretty annoyed. They’ll unfollow you, block you, or even complain to others about your company.

So unless you want some free bad publicity, you don’t want to be that self-important jock.social media jock

Posts should follow this simple guide:

If you’re going to be posting every day, then follow these guidelines.

  • Use 1 day to showcase your goods, but emphasize how they help your audience. Showcase benefits, not features.
  • Pick another day (or two) to share your blog posts. Blog posts should be funny, entertaining, informative, or a combination.
  • That leaves 3 days: use those days to share industry news, cat videos, epic fails, employee selfies, or whatever else your audience will enjoy.

No matter which day it is, though, use these posts to humanize your company. After all, you’re human, right? Then quit trying to turn your social media into a cheap Ultron knock-off. (spoiler: Ultron loses to humans)aba0b9f64ca54f563ad29303cf62e4d8

Not sure where to start on your social media marketing? You don’t have to do everything yourself, you know! Hire a professional to get you started – or to keep you going. Here at Admin-ease, we employ only humans. Maybe the occasional works-from-home-mom-who-could-be-considered-a-machine, but no robots. Promise. Contact us for details. Beep beep boop.

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