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8 Secret Ways to Repurposing Your Past Content

Time is one of our most precious resources and can be spent easily if you’re constantly creating content. You don’t have to waste a bunch of time on content creation every day.

Instead, you can repurpose your past content to get it in the hands of more people.

Repurposing your content can help your articles get an added SEO boost by targeting additional keywords and can reinforce the message you’re trying to tell your audience. 

If you’re trying to figure out how to repurpose your past content, check out our top suggestions on how to do it. 

Turn Multiple Blog Posts into An Ultimate Guide

Do you typically talk about the same topic in your blog posts? If you do, consider taking all those blog posts and merging them into an Ultimate Guidepost, offering the maximum amount of information for your audience in one place.

For example, if you sell vacuums, you might have written before about how to choose the best vacuum, how a vacuum works, and the top ten vacuums for your budget. You can take all those posts and turn them into “The Ultimate Guide to Vacuums.”

If you find that your blog posts are outdated, you’ll need to spend the time updating the information on both the ultimate guide and the original blog post page. However, it will be worth it to be able to provide multiple credible resources for your clients.

Turn a Blog Post into A Video or Podcast

Podcasts and videos are frequently used to pass the time whether you’re working on a project or commuting to work. Taking your already created content and turning it into a podcast or video is an easy way to reuse your content.

Not everyone wants to read a long blog post, so providing multiple ways to access the information increases and attracts a different audience. Plus, it gives you additional time to expand upon your blog post topics and explain the ideas in detail. If creating videos or podcasts sound exhausting to you, consider hiring someone to help make this content for you.

Turn Statistics into Twitter Posts

In your content, you’ve probably used a ton of statistics or valuable data to convey your message and show your authority on a specific topic. Instead of using them once in your blog posts and allowing them to disappear, you’re able to turn each statistic into a Twitter post.

You can post your most exciting statistics as tweets on your personal Twitter page to gain attention, or you can add the function on your posts to let your audience share your statistics on Twitter.

Share Existing Blogs from Different Viewpoints

Have you ever seen multiple commercials for the same product? The idea behind sharing your existing blogs from different viewpoints works the same way. This allows you to reach various audiences by selling your post from multiple points of view. 

Sharing your blogs from various perspectives includes pulling different sections of your article and highlighting that information on your social media pages to attract attention. 

For example, if you posted an article on the “Top 10 ways to increase your audience on Instagram.” You can create an individual post on each tip that can be shared through your social media platforms with a different image. It allows you to easily create different content without having to do a lot of extra work.

Create an FAQ Page from Your Clients Questions

FAQ pages create a single location for your audience to find all the information they need to know. These types of pages have proven to come in handy because they combine helpful information into one place. Think about the kinds of questions clients typically ask or the questions you’ve already answered in your blog posts.

Pull that information together to create an FAQ page with the questions your clients always want to know. Not only does this help establish yourself as an expert in a particular field, but it also helps relieve yourself of needing to answer the same client questions repeatedly.

Turn Your Testimonials into Blog Posts

Ask your clients to leave a written review or create a video talking about how much they love using your product or service. It shouldn’t sound manufactured or fake. Instead, it should be an accurate review describing how clients felt after receiving your products or services. 

With this content, you can create numerous blog posts highlighting each testimonial or review. Plus, they’re easy to share on your social media platforms.

Use Quotes to Create Easily Promotable Content

More than animal videos, statistics, or clickbait articles, the internet loves to see quotes. Quotes are easy to like and share through social media and can be linked back to valuable posts on your website. It could be any quote from your written content that will excite or intrigue your audience.

Ensure that the quote you choose makes sense and provides context for your audience. If the reader can’t understand what you’re talking about, they’re not going to want to click into your article or learn more; they’ll end up scrolling past your content. 

Consider pulling out important advice, a unique statistic, or the conclusion of deep analysis to post on your social media platforms.

Use Images on Your Pinterest Page

If you frequently create image-heavy blog posts, you can repurpose those images on social media platforms like Pinterest. Posting your photos can help your blog gain traffic, especially if you link them back to the original blog post so readers can choose to read more.

Repurposing Your Content in 2021

Repurposing your content is a free and easy way to keep your blog content relevant to new industry trends or additional products and services you’ve decided to offer. Plus, allowing yourself to use content that already exists will work as a guideline to create fantastic content, saving you hours of your time and energy to build from scratch. 

If you feel unsure where to start with repurposing your content, let’s chat for some inspiration, ideas, and direction.