So at the start of every week, I would get overwhelmed when I looked at my task list, while cooking breakfast for the kids, and ignoring my incoming Slack messages. My first thought is always what can I cut to save time?

Can you relate? Most entrepreneurs, parents, cats, grandmas, teachers, scientists – basically everyone with a brain – can probably relate to that at some time in their life.

But that was back BEFORE I had these 5 things I do every single week to save my sanity.

Now mornings are much more smooth (for the most part – I mean I am a mom with 3 little kids, so things do go off schedule often!)

Still, I have learned how to be super strategic with my time. And it works to keep me focused and accomplished throughout my weeks.

1. Plan, plan, plan.

Dinner, schedules, routines, bedtime stories, make lists of to-dos.  Make a plan.  I have talked before about my 3 rocks before and that is legit advice. This is the best way I have found to accomplish my to-do list each week. There are a lot of people that talk about this (Dr. Stephen Covey, Michael Hyatt, etc.) because it works!

Basically, you pick 3 big tasks for the week, then break those down to 3 little tasks each day that support the big tasks. It has done miracles for me.

Even if you are not a planner, you should have some sort of idea what you need to accomplish for the week or some way to keep focus. This is just what works for me.

2. Find some downtime for yourself.

I probably am not the best person on the planet to be giving this advice, but I do know it works and it’s something I am trying to incorporate regularly 🙂 I do find though that I am more productive, focused, less stressed, and drink fewer energy drinks (that’s my only vice, I swear!) if I take some time to shut down my brain and to quiet my surroundings.

There are all sorts of forms of self care and it means different things to different people. Find out what works for you and incorporate it into your schedule. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Date night with your significant other or friend

One thing that keeps my marriage and relationship strong despite the chaos is having time together. A mentor once told me that having date night was one of the single most important things you could do for your business. It didn’t make sense in the beginning because I was all stress and no play trying to get a business running with a husband in school and 2 little kids.

But seriously, once we started taking time EACH WEEK to focus and deepen our relationship, the business started doing better. Crazy how that works right?

Now I’ll be honest. Every week we aren’t going out to the movies or bowling or with friends. Some weeks, its simply putting away our phones and doing a puzzle (ahem – I mean watching a show) without kids. Or sometimes it’s folding laundry and then getting a bowl of ice cream. Again, find what works for you and implement it 🙂

4. Know your goals

It’s the new year and everything is all about goals, so you are probably sick of reading about them. But I need to add my two cents for how this saves time each week. This really ties in with #1 in this list because it’s crucial that you know what you are working on each day, week, month, quarter, year, etc.

If you aren’t clear on your vision, you won’t get the results you are seeking.

One way to do that is with a social media audit.  We will dig into your social media for the last year and tell you what’s working, what’s not, and give you some ideas to make it awesome in 2019.

Everything should start with a plan. Are you seeing a trend here??

5. Repurpose your content

It wouldn’t be an official Simply Online blog post if I didn’t mention repurposing your content – since that’s what we do day in and day out. HA! Really though – creating content can take up a lot of time. I’m sure you already know that. But if you are using the same piece of content in mulitple ways, then it makes it so much easier and quicker. (We have TONS of ideas on our blog about how you can do this >> click on the category “Content”.

When I learned the advantages to repurposing my content, it was like the angels in the heavens were singing. It was a game changer.

So you may be wondering why I haven’t specifically talked about cutting things out of your week. And really, I mostly talked about adding things IN to your routines. But I have found that these things are all important. And taking time for things other than work really does save you time because you are happier, less stressed, more centered, and more focused.

Don’t forget to check out our content audit to see how you can up your game in 2019!

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