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5 Ways to Organically Generate Leads Before the End Of the Year 

It’s the end of the year, and you may be stressing about reaching your revenue goals or bringing in some extra cash for Christmas.  There’s still time to bring in more moolah before the year is finished.  These are a few of the most overlooked ways to organically generate more leads and revenue before the end of the year.

Understand Your Audience

If you create content but don’t understand your audience, you are missing a huge piece of the marketing puzzle. 

Knowing your audience is a critical step in making more sales organically.  

Before I honed in on my ideal client a few years ago, I was not making consistent sales.  I would post about a product or service I was offering but always fell flat. 

But things changed when I really started understanding my audience and creating content that spoke directly to them.  My Black Friday sales this year grew 800% over last year. 


I understood their pain points and provided them with solutions. I didn’t just share salesy content and expect people to buy.  I take the time to nurture them, respond to their questions, and dig deep into understanding the problems they experience day in and day out.  

Don’t Stop Creating Content

It’s December. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the world and stop creating content. When you stop creating content, your audience will notice. They will stop coming to you for answers. 

Do you struggle to know what to talk about?  Look at the posts you created last December and build on those. That’s a simple place to start!

Creating content is the #1 way to attract your ideal client. If you aren’t creating content, your message isn’t shared and heard. You are missing out on a huge opportunity to have an impact.

If you need help creating content, check out our Repurposing Bundle.  We create 15 pieces of content from each video you send us.  That’s 1-2 weeks’ worth of content that you don’t need to worry about (or take the time!) creating!

Show Up Consistently

It is no longer an option to show up consistently online. There are a million ways to show up for your audience.  You can create stories, reels, email marketing, social media, blogging, video, etc. (This is where Content Repurposing really comes in handy!)

Why’s it so important? 

Think of it this way:  do you like to hear from your best friend every few days?  Every few weeks?  Or do you want them to check in with you daily?  Maybe let you know what’s on their mind? Teach you a skill or two they have acquired.  Possibly share a funny joke or a product you love.

It’s the same with showing up online.  Your community, your people, your audience – they want to hear from you daily. They see you as their best friend, so you should reciprocate that relationship and be there for them. 

The more they see and hear from you, the more likely they will hire you when they are ready.  

If you aren’t sure where to start, check out the Content Repurposing Kit.  It will walk you through exactly what you should do every day, week, and month to keep consistent online.

Take Time to Engage

The purpose of social media is overlooked or forgotten. Social media is not just for sales.  It’s also meant to build relationships and share your message far and wide.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” (Andrew Davis)

It’s critical to take the time to build relationships online with your community. And it’s the best way to generate organic leads. If you aren’t engaging with your audience, or at the very least, responding to comments, you are missing the whole point of social media.

Is it all about you when you are talking to your best friend?  Probably not.  Hopefully not.  Ask them questions. Listen to their answers. And for heaven’s sake – be kind, respectful, and thoughtful in your responses. 

When you look at social media as a conversation and genuinely get to know your community, it’s not only a helluva lot more fun, but your business will naturally grow, too, because you are doing something you love. 

I set a timer for 15 minutes in the AM and PM. During that time, I focus only on engaging with my audience.  Try it. It will change your world. 

Make Offers

One of the biggest mistakes I see in organic marketing is that business owners aren’t making offers.  

As women entrepreneurs, we are really good at talking about what we do but not asking for the sale. We don’t want to inconvenience anyone.  

But guess what?  You are in business because you have a product or service that can change someone’s life.  You are doing your community a disservice if you aren’t sharing your gifts and talents.  

Even if you are posting every day, if you aren’t telling people what you do, they most likely won’t take the time to research it.   So if you don’t tell them what you do and promote your products and services, they most likely don’t know. 

We suggest posting about your products and services in 20% of your posts. 

There is still time to increase your revenue for December and 2022 organically.  Commit to using these five things to make this the best year yet. 

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