Okay, so have you ever tried using Facebook ads? I’ve tried using them once or twice. I’m by no means an expert on setting them up (or analyzing them), but I have been able to see how awesome they have the potential to be – if you know what you’re doing.

And, thankfully, here at Admin-Ease we have a whole panel of experts on hand. Which means that I don’t *have* to know how to run Facebook Ads, because there’s someone else on the team for that (and she’s fantastic, by the way!). She’s going through even additional training to make sure that she’s the top Facebook Ads guru possible. But in any case, I digress. Let’s talk about the ways that Facebook ads can be fun, okay?

Facebook Ads can be cheekyWoman funny selfie

Depending on your brand (and your target audience), your Facebook ad can be full of sass or just outright cheeky. Okay, so this only works if you’re okay sharing that sass. If you’re going for a more serious tone, a suddenly sassy ad is going to be out of left field. Then again, that may help you attract some new customers…

They let you reach new folks

You can set the ad to show to people within your target audience mold or copy the target audience of another page. Either way, you’re reaching new people – and that’s always fun. I mean, who doesn’t like grabbing a few new likes? Or better, seeing some new web traffic or sales? (you’re always welcome to come like our Facebook page)

It’s a great way to use that marketing budget

Okay, so maybe you won’t think that spending money is fun, but we like to spend our marketing budget on things that work – and we find the return on our investment a lot of fun!

You get to tap into your creativityCreative

C’mon, who doesn’t like doing the occasional creative activity? It can be a lot of fun to design an ad – pulling together the image and right words to make it look great.

You can use Ads to place a few bets

Or do some A/B testing on your ads. But really – why not place a bet with a coworker to see who can create the better performing ad? You know… for one of those many times that you’re sitting around wondering what to do with all of that free time you don’t have.

Okay. Or you can skip the fun by delegating it…

To our gal. Like I said before, she’s pretty fantastic. So if you’re ready to get things going, it’s time to look at running some Facebook ads. Let’s talk about your goals and we’ll have things running before you know it – just contact us now.

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