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5 Tips to Connect On Social Media

So you know you SHOULD be connecting with your people on social media, but how do you do it?

There’s more to it than just showing up online every day and serving your people (although that’s important too!)

Today we are chatting about HOW you can effectively connect with your ideal clients using social media.

Define your ideal customer

First, define your ideal customer. I know this is something that everyone says and a lot of times we just roll our eyes at it, but this is super-duper important. 

When I first went through the exercises of defining my ideal client with Amber from your Brand By Design, my business doubled.  Then I did it again 6 months later and my business doubled again. 

Now it’s part of my practice every quarter to review my ideal client profile and make adjustments. 

My favorite part of that profile is the psychographics – the hobbies, the interests, how they spend their time outside of work.

If I’m working on a big project (like the Profitable Content Mastermind Experience), I put a picture of someone that I think is a good fit on my computer.  Then whenever I’m creating content, I pretend that I’m writing to or speaking to that person.  That process works wonders for me!

Respond to Objections

Do you know what objections are common for why someone doesn’t purchase from you?

Objections are always time, energy, money, or know-how.

Are you speaking to those objections in your social media posts?

Every prospect you speak to has sales objections or reasons they are hesitant to buy your product.  It’s unavoidable. And it’s not a bad thing. It’s just human nature. 

Really though, if a buyer didn’t have reservations about your solution, price, value, relevancy, etc. they would have already purchased, right?

So responding to these objections in your content is a critical step in the sales cycle. 

I like to keep track of mine on my content calendar so they are always front and center when I’m creating.

But how does this help with engagement?  When you are speaking directly to your ideal client and responding to their objections, they can’t help but comment!

Create an Engagement strategy

Do you have time in your schedule to engage with your people?

Or do you just jump on when you have a minute in between meetings?

And I don’t just mean respond to comments.  I mean really talk to them and listen to what they ask you.

My favorite way to focus on engagement is to use my Time Timer.  I set it for 15 minutes in the morning and 15-minutes in the afternoon before I’m done working.  I am super intentional with those (2) 30-minute segments.

I use those segments to:

  • Engage in groups
  • Reach out to prospects
  • Follow up on leads
  • Return Facebook or LinkedIn Messages
  • Spotlight prospects

This is not a time to:

  • Schedule posts
  • Figure out what you are going to post
  • Return messages to your team
  • Return emails or messages from your clients

I am hyper-focused during this time on building relationships. 

Do you have time set aside for engagement and connection on social media every single day? 

Stop selling, start solving

Do you know what problems you solve for clients?  

Do you speak to those problems in your social media posts?

The simple answer is to focus on the problem, not so much the solution.  

Think through what really keeps them up at night? 

Knowing this is what makes your business relatable to customers.  Instead of being bogged down by the bells and whistles and technical jargon, the customer is presented with a challenge they are facing and the fact that you solve it. 

Customers want to know that you can help them, not the process that you take to get them there. If you can speak to their problems, they’re naturally going to listen to your solution when the time is right.

For my business, being consistent on social media isn’t what keeps people up at night.  They don’t toss and turn thinking about how to be more consistent.  They are awake thinking about how to use their social media to drive more sales b/c they need/want more revenue and money.

You should be asking:

  • What problem does this solve for the customer?
  • Why do they need it?
  • Why do they want it?
  • What do I do differently and better than my competitors to solve this issue?

Customers want an incredible experience. They want to know that they matter to your business and that the issues they experience can be solved through you. 

Understanding HOW you help your clients is critical to driving results with your social media and content. 

Selling is all about solving customer’s problems.  If you don’t know what problems you solve, you won’t be effective on social media and you most likely won’t be creating any new connections.

Create engaging content

Now let’s be honest, would it even be a great Facebook live if I didn’t mention metrics?  It’s kinda my thing.

Are you creating content that your ideal clients want to engage with?

Do you know what performs better – text posts or graphic posts?

Do you know if you post too many selfies (yes, we had a client that did that) or not enough selfies (we had a client that did that too)?  

Do you know if they respond better to content at 9pm at night or 7am in the morning?

Watching your insights and metrics on your posts is one of the easiest ways to figure out what your audience wants. The numbers don’t lie!  They literally tell you exactly what people want.

For example, every time I miss Facebook Live, my numbers tank.  My audience knows that 11am MT on Tuesday is my time.  So I schedule around it as much as I can so I can make sure it happens.

I also know that when I use a picture of myself vs. a stock photo, my numbers are better.  And when I use an animated graphic, I get more engagement.

Do you know what your numbers are telling you? Do you know how to make your content profitable?

Allow me to introduce the Profitable Content Mastermind Experience.

It’s a 90 minute workshop/mastermind. 

  • You’ll discover why you should be creating content right now if you want to make money in 2020.
  • You’ll uncover how to assess your content and social media posts so you know what to adjust for maximum exposure.
  • You’ll find the key strategies on how to make content profitable – with live examples!

And every person that joins will get a piece of content reviewed by me and my team. 

It’s $27 and is Wednesday, August 5th.  It’s time to fall in love with and learn how to connect on social media again.  And do it so your profit grows as you connect and build relationships.

. TL;DR – Recap about how to connect on social media

  1. Know your ideal client – like really, really know them!
  2. Respond to objections – it’s always time, energy, money, or know-how. Are you speaking to those on social media?
  3. Create an engagement strategy – schedule time every single day to engage with your people!
  4. Stop selling, start solving – what really keeps your clients up at night? Solve their problems!
  5. Create engaging content – do you know what they like and respond to the most?