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As your business starts to grow, you’re going to look for newer, slicker programs to help you get more done fast. You’re going to look to automation to make life better for you. Well, here are some ways that I’ve automated my life (and business) and it’s been a complete lifesaver.

1. Planner automation1007_min

I have two kinds of planners, and there’s no way I’d change it. You see, there’s just something magical about having a written (yes, I mean on PAPER!) calendar. I use the written calendar to block out chunks of time and color code them – to make sure that I’m keeping a great balance on life.

I also use a calendar on my phone and computer – and because it syncs, it makes knowing what’s on my schedule that much easier.

Okay, so how do you automate your planner? Easy. You set up a reliable, automated schedule. A client needs a training? Great: that’s what Fridays are for. You need to set up some teleconference calls? That’s what afternoons are for!

2. Inbox automation

What are the biggest time sinks in your life? If it’s anything like mine, my inbox and Facebook can suck me in for hours at a time. That’s not a good thing!

So, it’s time to meet my version of inbox automation: I only check my inbox at certain times during the day. That way, I’m not getting sucked in, I have dedicated email time (so I work more efficiently!), and I can use the Inbox features to snooze emails and reminders for later.

Okay, so it’s a bit of a stretch, but that snooze button is a great way to help automate an empty email box so I’m not getting sucked in until I’m supposed to be checking emails.

3. Phone calls1012_min

Okay, so if I could build a robot to take some of my calls for me, that’d be great. Oh, wait! There’s already something like that. It’s called VOICE MAIL.

Just because my phone is ringing doesn’t mean I have to answer it right away. Sure, there are exceptions. But you know what? Most calls can be scheduled. Plus, while I’m in the middle of a LinkedIn training I don’t want to answer the phone. Voice mail can automate my calls for me.

4. Programs & prioritization

There are so many wonderful programs out there that make life easier. One of my favorites is the ManageWP dashboard. From one single location, I can update several websites, their plugins, empty the spam comments, and clean out the cache so it runs faster. Sure, I have to click like four buttons, but then the dashboard does the rest.

It even notifies me when updates are needed. Oh, how I love automation!

5. Go paper freenight-office-shirt-mail-large

Welcome to the 21st century. Can I tell you how much I love going paper free where I can? Being able to save my documents to a cloud is a fantastic feature, even if I do have it backed up on like 3 different servers. Being paper free, though, has been amazing for automating my business.


Well, let’s take bills, for example. I get a bill in my inbox – and I pay it. The receipt comes into my inbox. Using a simple email rule, my inbox knows to file those into a specific file. Come tax time, all of my bills and receipts are in a single place. Oh, and there’s no paper. It’s all electronic and automated. It’s beautiful.

Pretty much, automation and templates are awesome.

Wouldn’t it be nice to automate more of your business so you had time to do what *you* wanted to?

Because you totally can when you have Admin-ease on your team. If you’re ready to quit being overworked and overwhelmed, contact us now.

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