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“Why do I need to outsource my content?  I can figure that out. It can’t be that hard or take that much time.”

Have you ever told yourself that?  I know I have. And I did it for a long time before I realized that I don’t have to just “figure it out.”

Outsourcing, in my opinion, is one of the most glorious words in the dictionary.  Haha. But seriously. I love it.

Because I love it so much, I get a lot of questions about it. How do I do outsource? What do I need to have prepared to outsource? Do I need systems? How do I find the right person to outsource?  What skills should I look for? And the biggest question – WHY should I outsource.

Well I’m going to answer all those questions in various blogs and videos this month, so stay tuned (be sure to like us on Facebook to get notifications!)

One of the biggest questions I get asked is “Should I be using content marketing?”  My response is always “Why aren’t you?”

Now that may sound a little bold, but did you know that content marketing has the potential of generating 3x as many leads as paid searches?  That statistic is from 2017, so it’s probably much higher now.  Creating content is so important and really must be part of your marketing strategy.

Most prospects and customers that I talk with decide to outsource their content creation because they don’t have the staff, time, or knowledge to create great content or even to repurpose it.  It does take a lot of time and strategy to have great delivery. But a content manager knows how to decrease your time investment while making you visible online. That’s their job!

So here are my 5 reasons to outsource.

First, your Peers are.

(I use peers instead of competitors because I don’t believe that there are competitors, but that’s a topic for another day!)  

Yes, your peers, business besties, networking buddies, etc. are outsourcing their content creation. This may sound a little bit like “everyone is doing it” peer pressure.  But that’s not the intent. Other people are outsourcing because it makes sense for their business. It gives them precious time to work in their zone of genius instead of having to figure out where the best place to post a graphic is and what time their ideal client is on Facebook.  

Content creation can be demanding and require a lot of time and skill.  So why not let someone that knows content creation do it for you?

Second, you don’t have time.

Time is so precious as an entrepreneur, right?  Well really for anyone. Time is something to be protected and valued.  Do you really want to be spending it writing content? One of the great things about repurposing content is that you aren’t spending a gazillion hours creating new topics for each platform.  You have one message that you are sharing in different ways. It makes things so much more time and cost effective.

Outsourcing your content creation can also help save that precious time.  Imagine not having to write a blog post every week? Or post on social media every day?  Wouldn’t that be glorious? I run a social media company and that still looks pretty amazing to me!!

Third, you don’t create enough content.

This one kinda links with the second one.  Creating content takes time and energy and brains.  Some days I feel like I don’t have any of those!

But when you are creating a lot of content, you are more likely to be seen and it puts you in a stronger position to serve your tribe.  That is a lot of pressure though, right? Even when I hear myself say that, I’m overwhelmed.

But good news like I mentioned before, there is a remedy for that overwhelm.  I talk a lot about how repurposing your content is a great way to balance everything else.  I talk more about that on the blog.

Fourth, you need a fresh set of eyes.

This might seem silly or you may be protective of your content – you know what you say, your process.  But, how many times do you sit down to write an article and you realize you have run out of things to say?  

It happens to me!!  It happens to everyone sometime in their content creation process.  Seriously. I rely on my team to help give me ideas for blog posts and social media content because they are great at it.   Eventually, you will hit a creative wall and find it difficult to make interesting content.

When you bring in a content team, they can give you a fresh perspective.  They can look at problems and your business in different ways. 50% of millennials are freelancers, so there is no shortage of perspectives!

Fifth, creating content isn’t your strong suit.

You may have realized that writing (or social media or newsletters) aren’t your strong suit and that your time is better spent elsewhere.

And that is OKAY!!  It is okay for that not to be your zone of genius.  Take ownership of what you do well and outsource the rest.  I am really good at content marketing. I am not so great at cleaning toilets – so I outsource that to my husband. 🙂

My point is its okay for you not to love content marketing and creation.  There is something else that you love and are really good at – so do more of that.  A lot more of that!

So this week – make a list of the things that you want to outsource, then bring it back next week and we’ll chat about the best ways to make it happen.

I am chatting about all things outsourcing this month, so check our Facebook page on Monday’s.  

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