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hands-cards-magic-magician-attentionWhile most magicians won’t ever reveal the sleight of hand behind their tricks, social media managers don’t mind sharing the tricks of our trade. In fact, our favorite social media manager tools are commonly known – and very easily accessible to anyone who wants to use them!

Our 5 Best Social MediaToolsOur Top 5 Favorite Social Media Manager Tools:

  1. Google Hangouts. I know – it’s a free app but it’s become a huge staple for communicating with team members! It’s just so easy to use and it’s available both on the computer and on our phones. It’s an easy, fast way to make things happen and communicate. So Google Hangouts gets our #1 spot for favorite social media manager tools. 🙂
  2. Social Media Examiner – this is a leading blog when it comes to anything social media related. They know what’s what – and what’s coming down the line. It’s always a great idea to get on board their email list to get first dibs on upcoming social media events. Hey – continuing education is a big thing in any industry, right? Of course it is! So we’re going to have fun while we learn.
  3. Hootsuite – Hootsuite is one of our favorite programs for scheduling and running an effective social media campaign. It doesn’t replace original posts via each platform, but it sure can augment it to make it one step better. Plus, having a Pro plan Hootsuite account (starting at $9.99/month) means that you can give your social media manager access to up to 100 different profiles without having to worry about sharing passwords. Because passwords are like underwear: they’re a private thing.
  4. Canva – This is, by far, my favorite photo enhancement program available. It has thousands of image options available for free, and thousands more stock photos for as little as $1 each. It’s the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to manipulate a boring image into a Pinworthy picture that’s going to go viral.
  5. Storify – Storify is, hands-down, the best content curation tool available. It helps you connect to thousands of online stories (via social media posts, blogs, and more) and helps you customize a feed all of your own. Then, you’ve got the content you need to share with your audience.

I’ve got other favorites, don’t you worry.

In fact, I would probably be lost without my trusty calendar. But that’s a real-world product that I lug around – no virtual calendar for me any more! I’m also a huge fan of Insightly, WordPress, Trello, QuickBooks, and I’m learning to love Slack. So many amazing programs out there!

But the above five are, by far, the most useful ones I’ve come across in my career. And now that you’ve seen a little bit of what’s behind the curtain, it’s time for me to do a little bit of magic. Ready?

Okay, fine. I’m no good at magic tricks. I can’t even get my kids to eat their dinner, unless it’s cinnamon toast.

But here’s what I *can* do: give me a call and I’ll show you, in 15 minutes, what your social media marketing could be doing for your business. Ready for your abracadabra? Just contact me to make some social media magic.

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