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Where is it that you want to go?

We all want to go somewhere, and as an entrepreneur, we have an extra drive to be the best at what we do. As I’ve watched other successful people, I’ve noticed five characteristics of an entrepreneur who’s going places. And, hey, since we all want to go places, why not learn a thing or two from those who’ve gone before us?

5 Important Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

1. Successful Entrepreneurs Lead by Example

Think, for a moment, about any great mentor or leader you’ve worked with. I’m willing to bet that these amazing people didn’t just talk the talk – they showed you how to achieve greatness and lived it. Great entrepreneurs lead by example. They know how to give great advice because they’ve lived in the trenches, so to speak. They know how to get the job done, and they know how to mentor you to do the same.

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2. They are Constantly Self-Improving

My kids love animated movies, and there’s a quote from “Beauty and the Beast” that always gets a giggle. It’s when the clock, Cogsworth, is showing Belle around the castle. He’s explaining architecture and proclaims, “if it isn’t Baroque, why fix it?”

Well, if you have a great system in place, that’s fantastic. Great entrepreneurs, however, are always looking for an extra edge. They’re willing to look at everything, including themselves, with a new eye. They’re always striving to improve, to innovate, and to try again.

3. They are Creative and Resourceful

The successful entrepreneurs I’ve met are both creative and resourceful. When they’re trying to get something done, they’ll find a way to do it, even if that means creating a new process – or product. In fact, I’m reminded of something a friend once told me. Great entrepreneurs live this ideal:

Think outside of the box. What you need is probably somewhere inside of the warehouse, but think outside of the box.


Entrepreneurs know that there’s a bigger world out there – and they aren’t afraid to tap into it to get the job done right.

4. They are Networking Fiends

Speaking of the characteristics of an entrepreneur, they’re networking ninjas. They know the importance of having a support system in place. After all, what good is the next billion-dollar idea if you don’t have access to the capital you need to make that idea a reality?

Entrepreneurs may not have every skill mastered. In fact, they probably don’t. But that’s because, for any skill they need handled, they have a guy or a gal for that. They know how to network – and their network adores them.


5. They are Service-Oriented

Finally, the best entrepreneurs know that there’s more to life than stuff. They know that the best way to sell anything isn’t by selling its features. It’s by turning that product into a needed and wanted service. They know that they’re providing something that nobody else can do in the same way – and they’re building a loyal fan base with each passing day. Their fans and clients know how much they’re appreciated, too, by the dedicated service that they receive.

Have you seen any of these, or other characteristics, in successful entrepreneurs?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of characteristics of an entrepreneur. These are just five of the most important we’ve seen in our experience. Which is your favorite – or did we miss it? Comment below and let us know which you think is most important.

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