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screaming2My kids can scream! Man alive, do they know how to scream. Even though they’re right next to me (or right behind me if we’re in the car), sometimes they feel compelled to alert me to some sibling-induced injustice at maximum capacity. It’s no wonder that we’re all so worried about hearing loss as we get older…!

In any case, if they wanted to get my attention, it’d be a lot more effective, nicer, and quieter if they’d just call me by name and use their words. But they are still little, so I guess we’ve got some work to do yet!

Having an online business is a lot of fun, but you have to be super careful that it doesn’t turn into the screaming 3-year-old scenario. After all, you’re trying to entice new clients to your site – not terrify them and send them screaming to your competitors! So here’s 3 ways to use your online footprint right (and not like my 3 year old).

EXPAND YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE1. Expand your online footprint

No matter where you’re starting from, you can always expand where your business is available. You’ve got a website? Great. Now add in some social media. Got the social media but not the website? Add the website. Got them both? Then add in a new platform and master it to reach even more new people.

2. Keep your focus on benefits, not features

While looking at your website, take a step back. Ask yourself: would you buy from you? Do you get the information that you need to convince yourself to make a purchase? Or does your site get too feature-focused?

Features are great, but they aren’t always what sell people on your services or products. Many times, they need to see the benefits. That means focusing on how your products or services enhance their lives. My kids love blocks – not because they build spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills (two awesome features). No! They love blocks because they can build a house with a garage for their toy cars. Oh, and then they can knock it over.

3. Use your online presence to build meaningful relationships

Finally, you’re online to do more than just make sales. Yes, that’s the end goal for every business. But who’s going to see more success:

  1. The sterile, 100% business-oriented doo-dad seller who is constantly posting ads to Facebook
  2. The local family-owned business who posts pictures of their kids building their doo-dads into a tower

The point is, people want to connect with you. They’re human and so are you. Have some fun with your business and your business will grow.

Using your online footprint right will guarantee your business will do well – both now and in the long term. Plus, then you won’t come across as the needy 3-year-old who’s desperate to tattle on his brother for breathing wrong.

Are you ready to expand your online footprint? We’d love to help you make that happen. Just click here to contact us now.

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