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Do you have a marketing strategist or guru on your team? If so, maybe you’ve seen them doing things like this. If not, then maybe you can find a guru-in-training wandering the office by being familiar with these marketing traits!

1. Marketing strategist: always looking at things at an angle

This doesn’t mean that a marketing guru will be standing there, head bent over to one side, staring at the water cooler. Or any other objects. They are, however, always willing to take a new look at things.

I’d like to tell myself that my oldest boy is going to make an awesome marketer – he’s always taking toys and playing with them in unconventional ways. Then again, it could just be his age.

coffee-cup-mug-desk-large2. Out rebranding everyday items

As you’re wandering the office for your next marketing guru, look around for the guy or gal who’s rebranding items. That’s not a stapler: that’s a paper correlation enhancer! They’ve either gotten bored with their existing job description or there’s a marketing strategist inside them.

image63. Oh, and they’re great networkers

Finally, great marketers always seem to know a lot of people. After all, what better way to share their great ideas than through a huge network of friends?

On the flip side, great marketers also have lots of friends so that they can listen in to the market – and find out what it is that people are looking for. Why would they do that? Well, it’s a ton easier to market and sell something that lots of people already want, right? These people seem to instinctively know that. It’s almost not fair.

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