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3 Unique Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out With Repurposing

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Guess what?  You don’t have to repeatedly create new content to stand out from all the clutter online. 

You just need to look into your existing content bank and make a plan to repurpose it. You already have the assets; you just need to create a plan to repurpose them and create more visibility consistently. 

There are three main benefits of repurposing content:

Increased visibility: More pieces of content mean more readership, more people listening to your message, more followers, and the potential for more shares. Your community and search engines like it when you show up consistently and share your knowledge.

Higher engagement: You’ll have more chances to engage with your community. The purpose of creating content is to nurture and educate your community so when they are ready; they buy from you.

Variety of content: People love different forms of content. Viewers who may not like reading long-form articles may prefer to watch videos or infographics. When you repurpose content, you’re also bringing a much-needed variety to your output.

So, it’s clear that repurposing content needs to be a part of your overall content strategy.  

Now, let’s chat about three ways you can do it to increase your reach and engagement.


1. Repurpose old blog posts

Your blog posts are an excellent source of new content. Before you repurpose, give them a quick run-through to ensure the statistics are current and links work. Once you’ve done that, there are several ways to repurpose your old blog posts.

Quora answers: Find questions related to your category and on which you may have blog content. Then, post your answers using your old blog posts for reference. When people are interested in your response, they’ll click on your blog post to see what other information you offer. 

E-books: These are highly shareable forms of content that you can create from your blog posts.  You could easily create an eBook using several posts from one of your content themes.  This makes a great opt-in for your website or email list.

2. Repurpose statistics

If you use statistics in your content, that is a great thing to repurpose. When you use figures as part of a blog post or podcast, it might get lost. But when you put it in a visually engaging form, it will have a new lease of life. 

When repurposing, you’ll want to make the statistic easily understandable. Your audience should be able to understand it in a matter of seconds.  A great way to do this is to create a visually appealing graphic.

A great way to do this is using your client statistics or wins.  Last week, I shared in the Facebook Group that one of our clients had 39k impressions on her social media after we taught her to repurpose her content. We have used this statistic in our social media posts, stories, and client reports to show the value of our Content Simplified Academy

3. Repurpose text to video

Video is what the world predominantly consumes. It’s also what helps you rank higher in search results. There are two crucial aspects to creating videos that marketers should understand. 

Most business owners already have content in blog posts, infographics, webinars, interviews, or white papers that can be repurposed to video.  Use them as the script for your video.

And you really don’t need fancy equipment either! Setting up your smartphone on a tripod or recording yourself in a zoom room is all you need to create a high-quality video to share on social media or YouTube. 

So, if you have a lot of written content on your website, start using that to create videos.  The important thing is that you get started and share your message.  I promise people are waiting to hear from you.

In short 

All it takes is a bit of ingenuity to repurpose your content. Once you start doing it regularly, your content and online presence will stand out from your competitors.


Looking for more unique ways to repurpose your content?  Check out this eBook 33 Ways to Repurpose Your Content!