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Let’s be honest: there are a thousand reasons that you ought to hire a social media manager. However, each of those reasons can be placed in one of three distinct categories. Are you ready? Let’s go!imageH8HU3SOY

1. Social Media Managers know what they’re doing.

I’m sure that, given enough time, you could figure out all of the nuances of each and every social media platform. But the simple truth is this: social media managers already know what they’re doing. They’re darn good at it, too! I mean, my husband is already super good at understanding how to fix things around the house (and I’m super glad he has this skill). Could I learn how to replace a broken light switch? Sure. I’d probably electrocute myself a couple of times before I remembered to turn off the breaker, though. And then I’d probably install it wrong a time or two. Eventually, I’ll get it right.

But it takes him all of like five minutes. He’s good at it. He knows what he’s doing. In that five minutes, I’ll stick to something I’m good at, like chasing the half-naked toddler and demanding he put some pants on.

Divide and conquer, right?

2. Delegating saves resources.

8-15image6If you don’t believe me, we may need to have a sit-down lesson on how not to micromanage, or at least review the whole concept. Delegating saves resources. Period. When you delegate your social media campaign to a social media manager, yes: you’re paying them money. But you’re saving time, effort, anxiety, and a whole lot more.

Is it hard when you’re first starting out? You better believe it’s hard to shell out hard-earned money to somebody else. Is it worth it? You better believe it.

Think of it this way: would you rather be spending your time networking, getting clients, making sales, and making money? Or would you rather be spending your time on social media, figuring things out, and not making any money?

I’ll take Door #1, thanks.

3. Social Media Managers are miracle workers.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS ARE MIRACLE WORKERSNo, really, they are. A good social media manager can drive up interaction on your social media. They can drive traffic to your website. And that traffic is only going to increase the number of leads and sales that you have. In short, social media managers make conversions a reality.

Not only do social media managers handle all of that, but they’re also a front line customer service representative. I mean, where do people go to complain these days? If you answered “Facebook,” or any other social media platform, please give yourself a pat on the back. Who sees these posts? Everyone. Which is great when it’s a positive customer service story (and not so great when things go poorly).

Wait, why don’t we want a social media manager, again? Oh, never mind. That’s right: we do want one.

Are you ready to quilt delaying some amazing growth potential? Then let’s talk about how to get your social media managed already!

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