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3 things that have changed in content creation in 2020

In addition to everything else that has changed in the world (cough, cough, thanks COVID!), your content needs to change too. 😳

I have seen friends close their doors this year. It has broken my heart. I have seen them not have the sustainability to keep going forward. I don’t want my friends to have to do that. 

I don’t want you to have to tell your kids of your spouse, “ You can’t have, because I can’t pay.” I don’t want to give up on every hope that you have had because of your content. 

I don’t want anyone to be in that position. 

How you are showing up and the content you are delivering is EVERYTHING right now.

Honestly, it will make or break your business in 2020 – as it has to so many already. So instead of trying to go at it alone, let’s roll up our sleeves and do it together.

Quickly digestible

There is so much more scrolling on social media these days.  I have found myself mindlessly scrolling, when that typically wasn’t an issue for me in the past.  Have any of you had that experience?  I have also found myself more in Twitter than I ever have. 

Millions of Americans are now turning to technology for communication, entertainment, and work.  

So what does that mean for content creation and social media posts?

It means your content has to be more quickly digestible.  

For a lot of businesses that are working from home now, they are also working around children and additional noise that they aren’t used to, so your content needs to be easily consumable. 

It’s okay to occasionally have a long-form post or video, but for the most part, your content needs to be quick to consume and easy to understand.

This is one of the reasons that video content is so effective – it’s easier to convey emotion (and sarcasm!) through video than written content. 

Make sure your post is easy to read, includes an image, video, or gif.  If you are sharing a link or image, add some text to it to encourage engagement. 

Something else to consider, what if you turn your video into a podcast?  Podcast usage is also up because it’s easily consumable. You can listen while you are playing with the kids or cooking dinner.  You can put a headphone in while you are taking a walk.

So look at the content you have planned and make sure it’s easy to consume.  I would also encourage you to see what other mediums you could experience with that your audience might respond to. 

More personal

The importance of online connections is more important than ever.  We are all craving connection. And you have a message to share, which makes online the perfect platform for creating that connection. 

Guess what? 

People want to know YOU. They want to laugh with you, cry with you, and cheer you on! They want to know how you are trying to manage all the things as a working woman. They want to know how you take a vacation while running a successful business. They want to know about your celebrations and wins. 

They want to know what your goals are for Q3 and how you plan to accomplish that (reminder, today is the last day of Q2. We are officially ½ way through the year. Let that settle in for a minute!)

But they can’t do any of that if you aren’t being personal . . . and a little bit vulnerable. 

I know it’s scary sometimes to be personal and vulnerable, but it also allows you to connect with other business owners in a way that you never have before.  Your tribe wants to get to know you. 

They want to see your quirks and humor, but importantly – they want to hear your message.  People are looking for experts.  So show up and be that person for your tribe.  Add your personality. Let people know who you are.  Because that’s how we connect.

Show up. Consistently.

So stop researching the best thing to say on social media, stop looking up what the latest algorithm changes are, or spending hours re-doing the background in your office so it’s perfect for the video you are recording. 

Stop all of it and just show up. 

I listened to a podcast yesterday from a well-known person and he said that the days of perfection are over.  Because we are all working from home anyway, we have to adjust our standards. So it’s okay if you have kids interrupt. It’s okay that you studdered through your video. It’s okay that your post wasn’t on point.

The important thing is that you show up

I promise you there are people out there that are waiting to hear your message. They are waiting for you to show up and speak to them.   Lovingly, come out of your hiding place and teach us your passion.

So pull out your calendar. [Go on. I’ll wait.]

Schedule time in your calendar every single day this week to post on social media. If you have already been doing that, then pick 1 day a week to use Live Video.

And if you are already consistent and need new ways to show up, reach out to me and I’ll give you a few pointers.