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3 Strategies to increase your brand’s visibility … Fast

In a world where every brand has the potential to be a part of the global market, standing out from the crowd is essential if you want customers to know who you are and what you offer.  

If you’re looking for smart ways to increase your brand’s visibility quickly and efficiently, here are our top 3 strategies.

Use short-form video 

Though it’s easy to think of content marketing as time-intensive white papers, lengthy blog posts, podcast episodes, and fancy videos, they’re really only a part of your toolkit.

Longer form content is essential in your strategy:  People love valuable, in-depth information and insight.  But if you want to increase your brand’s visibility fast, then you need content that is fast to produce and publish.

Short-form video is a powerful solution for speedy visibility.

TikTok and Reels on Facebook or Instagram allow you to capture your thoughts and publish them in minutes:

  • Your hot take on an industry-relevant topic
  • 3 expert top tips your audience can use today
  • A top 5 rundown of pain points your brand solves
  • A new product sneak-peek
  • Your expert reaction to someone else’s content

Short-form content is incredibly shareable, easy to consume, and quick to create.

One of my favorite places to get ideas for Reels is from OnVideo with Elise Darma. She makes it so simple to record and share! [Affiliate Link, but I really do use this every week!]

Repurpose your content

Repurposing content is not only a fast way to increase your brand’s visibility. It’s the smart way too.  Why do all that work and only use it once?

Imagine you’ve written an in-depth blog post about your area of expertise.  That will appeal to an audience who loves consuming written information and long-form content.  But there’s a worldwide audience hungry for that information who just don’t read long posts.

If you repurpose that content, you can:

  • Create a series of tweets capturing the key points
  • Do a Facebook Live answering questions about the subject
  • Record a podcast to deliver the information in a more conversational way
  • Record a series of videos for YouTube breaking down the article into easy-to-consume chunks
  • Create a series of blog posts doing a deep dive into the points your original blog post covered

Work smarter not harder to get maximum use out of your time and the content you create.

Interact with your audience

The fastest way to increase visibility is to go straight to your audience and meet them where they are rather than trying to entice them to where you are.

Comment on posts, share other people’s content, pose questions, engage in discussions, and let people know who you are and your expertise.  Audience interaction is free, easy, and really effective.  

But you can go even further.

If you have partnerships or associations with other brands, you can capture their audiences too.  You can have their links in your bio, interact with their audience, and use the power of that association to amplify your brand.

Customers place great importance on brand values, which means your values.  And the quickest way to communicate with them is by letting the audience get to know and like you personally.  If they like you, they’ll like the brand you represent.

So respond to reviews and say hi to your followers:  Make a human-to-human connection.  Not only will your audience get to know you quicker, but you’ll also have your finger on the pulse of your target market.

Despite what you might read, content marketing has no hard and fast rules, and you don’t have to spend every waking hour creating content to increase your brand’s visibility.  

If you’re not feeling it, your audience won’t either.

So if you want to gain momentum or feel burned out trying to please all the people all the time, try these strategies for maximum effect in less time.

Need some help creating a strategy to increase your visibility?  We’ll do the research.  We’ll create the strategy.  And you implement.  

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