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Question for you: when was the last time you logged in to LinkedIn? When’s the last time you took some time to do some networking?

No matter what your answer was (unless it’s “15 minutes ago!”), it’s time to log back on and do some quality connecting with your network. Here are our top 3 reasons why you ought to quit procrastinating and start networking already!linkedin-chocolates

1. Your LinkedIn Network is your peer tribe.

Remember how we discussed the no-rainforest-needed approach to building a tribe? If you aren’t a hard-core mommy blogger, then your peer tribe is probably going to be hanging out on LinkedIn. Your target audience may still be elsewhere, but if you want to be seen as any sort of an authority on the subject, then you probably better hang out with the other authorities, right?

Okay, so you don’t *have* to hang out with the other authorities. We aren’t the neighborhood bully trying to make you play with the other kids. But hanging out with other industry experts and authorities is a great way to not only be seen as an authority, but also to get important updates and ongoing education. See? Go log on already!

2. Pinpoint your target audience quickly.

Do you know who your dream audience is? If not, talk to a marketing specialist, stat! Odds are, however, that you do. In that case, you can do several things to pinpoint that audience faster.

  • First, you can set up some LinkedIn sponsored posts and ads to target those people.
  • Second, join groups. Your audience joins groups – go join *those* groups.
  • Finally, network like crazy. Use the advanced search option to its full potential already!

crowdDo you also want to target an audience who doesn’t know they need your product (or services) yet? Of course you do! You want to expand your reach, right? Well, where are those people who know that they’re missing something – they just can’t put their finger on what it is – hanging out? If you’re targeting any sort of business or a professional, they’re going to be among the millions of LinkedIn accounts. Yeah, now you’re logging on, aren’t you?

3. LinkedIn – the connections and sales are growing every day!

We’re not saying that LinkedIn is going to be the next Facebook, because it’s not. LinkedIn isn’t designed for the same crowd! It’s designed for serious business professionals who want to be seen, network, and connect. Oh, and for people who want to make sales. You’re probably one of those, aren’t you? We’re willing to bet you’re at least going for option #3 there – making sales. LinkedIn is, of all the social media platforms out there, hands down the best place for that to happen.

There you have it: our top 3 reasons to go log on to LinkedIn right now. We’ve got it open in another tab; do you?

Are you a LinkedIn fanatic like we are? What are some of the reasons that you log in on any regular basis? We’d love to hear – just comment below or send us a connection request on LinkedIn!

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