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I can’t cook.

At least, that’s true if you ask my children. Anything I make isn’t up to par with chicken nuggets or toast. Never mind the chicken parmigiana and homemade marinara – they want plain toast and carrot sticks for dinner.

If you were to just look at that one testimonial, you’d easily believe that I really can’t cook. However, if you look at a wider variety of reviews, you’ll find that I’m actually a pretty darn good chef. I enjoy cooking Indian, Mexican, and Italian. I’ve even dabbled in some Thai deliciousness.

Knowing that, let’s look at 3 reasons that testimonials are key to any business or marketing campaign.thumbs-up-thumb-hand-positive-excellent-great-1

1. Testimonials build credibility

My friend learned first-hand how hard it is to sell a new product (in a newly created niche) without any reviews or testimonials. It was hard. She struggled, for months, to make sales. However, once she was able to show – through reviews – that she had a reliable, valuable product, the sales started pouring on in.

Having those testimonials proved a key factor in her business’s credibility – and in its profit margins.

2. They serve as a stand-in for new clients

When you have a powerful testimonial, it helps leads become new clients. How? By helping the client identify with their problems – that only your products and services can solve. Once they see how your products and services have helped others, the odds of them purchasing from you increase dramatically.

3. They strengthen your story

Finally, testimonials help strengthen your company’s narrative, or story. Every successful company has a strong narrative – that’s enhanced by testimonials.

For example, take Nike. Their narrative is that their shoes will help you to perform better – and their testimonial through Michael Jordan only strengthens their position and story.

Testimonials are key in any business. Thankfully, I’m not making a business of my cooking. Because otherwise I’d have a lot of testimonial-building to do to offset the reviews my boys are so excitedly sharing with all of their friends.

Photo credit: ɹǝʇǝd via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: ɹǝʇǝd via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

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