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I’m pretty organized, I promise. In fact, I probably shouldn’t let you look into my closet. It might just be organized by both the function and color of the clothing item. *ahem* On the plus side, it doesn’t matter if it’s light or dark when I get dressed. I know exactly what I’m putting on.

In any case, organization skills are a huge deal. They save time, effort, and a lot of swear words from ever being uttered in front of small children. Here are three such skills that I’d known but hadn’t implemented. I lost a lot of time by ignoring these skills. So listen up and save a lot of time, people!


image7Get the Inbox Empty

It’s so easy to lose time looking through your inbox for lost items. Make an organization system and stick to it. Mine is easy: I use the new Google Inbox. If I don’t need something, I immediately delete it – or better yet, unsubscribe. Seriously, why get email you don’t need? The rest of the Inbox is designed like a To-Do list. As I get emails and tasks addressed, I mark them as “Done.” If I can’t address them then (I’m waiting on your proposal, buddy. Where is it?) I can “Snooze” them until another day. Those snoozed items will pop back up in my Inbox later – and I can reevaluate then. That clears up my Inbox – and my brain. It keeps me organized.

Invest in an Egg Timer (Seriously! It’s to Improve Your Organization Skills, Promise!)

clock2Okay, so it doesn’t have to be an egg timer exactly. I like to use my voice-activated friend, Alexa from Amazon, to set timers for me. It makes keeping track of time-outs so much easier. Plus, then the kids aren’t left crying in their rooms while I wonder how long they’ve been in there.

Oh, and setting timers helps me get tasks done faster. Have you noticed that, if you give yourself two hours to do something, it takes the full two hours? Set a timer. You’ll work faster. Just don’t lose that timer, okay?


Ready for some bonus points? Go set your timer and organize your desk. Ten points to Gryffindor!

Templates Are Cool

It’s not just bow ties that are cool, Doctor Who fans. Templates are even cooler than bow ties. After all, which would you rather do when you have to send Aunt Gertrude a birthday message:

  • Spend hours agonizing over the perfect message and card before finally buying an empty one, writing “Happy Birthday, Aunt Gertie!” and mailing it off.
  • Have a birthday card template stored on your computer, complete with cute pictures and an even cuter rhyme. “Roses are red, violets are blue, happy birthday, Aunt Gertie: I sure love you!” Birthday card Ninja right there. Plus, nobody has to know it only took you five minutes to personalize the template.

Templates, whether for letters, business proposals, fact finding, or whatever else make life easier because they save you time. I’ve been creating a whole army of templates to carry on for me. Yup. Templates are cool.


Organization skills are way more important than ninja or even nunchuk skills, people, I promise. To borrow and alter a line from Darkwing Duck, “Let’s Get Organized.”

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