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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re expanding your business, employees are in your future. Let’s face it: if you’ve got a great team, your business is going to do loads better than if you pick names out of the phone book.

1. Find a new employee via Employee Referralsbench-people-smartphone-sun

This way, they are motivated to find great new talent for your team, too. While they may want to work with friends, they’re only going to recommend friends who make their work life better!

Oh, if you *really* want to make this effective, offer a recruitment bonus. Lots of businesses will offer $50-$250 to existing employees if somebody they refer is hired. In most cases, this bonus is paid out after the new employee has worked at the business for at least 90 days.

2. Hire a recruiterreferral2

While not a free or low-cost option, hiring a recruiter or head hunter can be a great option. This way, the recruiter sifts through all of the potential applicants. They may even do some of the preliminary vetting. From there, they only forward you the best candidates. This makes it a ton easier for you to interview and hire – and saves you a lot of valuable time.

The only downside to this method (other than the money) is that you won’t get to see some of the resumes. Some of them can be entertaining… There’s probably a website with resumes that you could check, though, for your awful resume fix.

3. Network and recruit on LinkedIn

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Yes, I’m bringing up LinkedIn again…

It’s just such an amazing resource! Not only can you use it to find new clients, but you can use it to recruit new talent, too! Join groups to connect with potential employees. Publish information about how amazing your company is – and why working for you is the best decision they could make.

Optimize your profile to attract the best talent and reach out to find them. When you combine those two ninja tactics, you’ll be amazed at how quickly great candidates seek you out.

Which option is best for you?

Well, each option has its pros and cons. Employee referrals only require some in-office advertising and maybe some referral bonuses. Hiring a recruiter costs money, but frees up your time. Using LinkedIn may take more time (unless you’ve got Admin-ease on your team, that is! Then we can help you handle recruitment), but it may cost a whole lot less than a recruiter would.

No matter which method you choose, it’s vital that you plan ahead to keep a workforce to support your client base. Why? Because your clients, if they’re anything like ours, are totally worth it.

Want help figuring out how to optimize your LinkedIn profile?

With our Advanced LinkedIn training, we’ll help you get that sorted out, figure out how to handle groups, and a whole lot more. Get the scoop on LinkedIn training here.

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