So you created a piece of content.  Now, what do you do with it?  Read on to find out how repurposing content can increase your visibility and reach.

What the heck is Content Repurposing?

The short answer is that content repurposing is taking a single piece of content and tailoring it for delivery to other channels.  (I’ll give you some examples below). The other answer is that repurposing content is magical. I’ll get into the details of why in just a minute.  Imagine if you created one piece of amazing content (video, podcast, blog, etc.) then used it 15 other ways so it could be consumed on multiple platforms in multiple mediums?  Pretty awesome right?


Why you should Repurpose Content

Repurposing, cutting up, re-using, and re-formatting one piece is beneficial for several reasons.

  • Saves you time. Instead of having to brainstorm different blog posts, social media posts, podcast scripts, newsletter intros, etc. – you can reformat the content you’ve already created.
  • Helps you reach a new audience. People respond to different forms of media. Some prefer to read, others prefer to listen or watch.  Having content available in all these formats will essentially appeal to more people.
  • Reinforces your message. Repetition is super important in marketing. The number changes often, but its something like people have to see your message 12 times before they buy.  So reinforcing your message on different platforms and in different ways can be super helpful and speed up the sales process.


15 Ways to Repurpose Content

And here is the part you have been waiting for.  How do you repurpose content? Sometimes just having a few ideas can get your juices flowing.

In this example, I’m going to use a 5-minute Facebook Live video. Below is a list of ways that you could repurpose that one short video.

  1. Record Facebook Live Video
  2. Share to YouTube Video
  3. Extract the audio for a Podcast episode
  4. Video iTunes episode
  5. Transcribe to create a blog post
  6. Post the blog on LinkedIn Pulse
  7. Post the blog on Medium
  8. Create 2-3 tweets
  9. Share on LinkedIn 2x
  10. Create 2-3 memes for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  11. Create a SlideShare presentation for LinkedIn SlideShare
  12. Embed SlideShare presentation and video on your website
  13. Send in your monthly newsletter or communication with your list
  14. Add the link to your email footer
  15. Edit for a guest post on another blog

That is A LOT of content from a short 5-7 minute video, right?  If you are concerned that about the time commitment to make all those posts and graphics, let’s find some time to chat.  We can help you with that. 🙂

Our clients love that they just have to record one short video each week, but their message is seen all across the internet.

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